How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

June 13, 2022

Create a lovely outdoor modern kitchen for resting and entertaining throughout the summer.

No one likes to spend time indoors sweating over a hot stove as summer approaches and temperatures begin to increase. You may make the most of the wonderful summer nights by spending them with your friends and family if you have an outdoor kitchen.

Create your own outdoor kitchen and enjoy everything it has to offer, whether you have thousands of dollars to spend or only a few hundred.

Improve your grill's performance.

A rusted, dirty barbecue does not entice you to spend long hours outside. Upgrade your outdoor grill and maintain it all year to create a show-stopping outdoor kitchen. A basic grill can set you back $150 to $300, while top-of-the-line outdoor ranges can cost up to $1,500.

According to Chris Alexakis, an interior designer and the co-founder of Cabinet Select, before you go out and buy the biggest and nicest barbecue, think about how you'll use it. Will you be providing food for the entire soccer team? Maybe some steaks on the barbecue for a romantic meal for two? Look for a grill that has features you'll actually utilise, rather than merely the newest fads.

Make your seating more comfortable.

If you've updated your essentials, you'll want to enhance your patio furniture and seating selections as well. Invest in a proper dining table and chairs if you plan on dining outside frequently. An otherwise wonderful experience is degraded when you eat a gourmet supper off your lap.

Sleek contemporary alternatives work well with most outdoor kitchen settings if you're seeking for more adaptable items. Expect to spend a significant amount of money on excellent furniture, but keep in mind that it may last as long as high-end interior pieces with proper care and upkeep. Make sure you have a strategy in place for the off-season, whether it's storing outdoor furniture within or covering it to keep it safe from the weather.

Include the extras.

Do you require a prep sink? Is there a wine refrigerator? Is there an ice machine? Is there a smoker built in? You figured it out. When it comes to bespoke expansions, the sky's the limit — or, more accurately, your money. Before developing a wish list, consider your space carefully.

Although a full chef's kitchen may not fit in your backyard, a magnificent wine fridge and more counter space are precisely what you need to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level.

Some amenities need the installation or extension of services (such as water or electricity), so consider portable additions like a bar cart, which adds class without the bother.

Make it relaxing.

Consider how you'll give comforts like shade, heat (if you're utilising your place all year), and perhaps even a few extras like a TV or music equipment to make being outside more pleasant.

You may take use of a porch or awning by tucking the sitting close to the house. Structures like a light-strung pergola, on the other hand, provide shade during the day, light at night, and atmosphere all year.

If you have the space, a fireplace allows you to extend your gathering season. After all, outdoor kitchens aren't only for the summer.

Outdoor television and audio may be linked if you want some home conveniences while enjoying your gorgeous outside retreat – however this might be costly. For those wishing to add a little fun to their outside space on a budget, Bluetooth or portable speakers, a projector and a huge sheet, or even an old-fashioned radio are more budget-friendly possibilities.

Put your personal stamp on it.

Make an outdoor kitchen that reflects your personal style and preferences. If you're dealing with an existing room, be sure to embrace the design and highlight characteristics like dark wood, stone, and traditional columns.

Take a look at your indoor design and evaluate what aspects you prefer if you're starting from scratch. Then, in your outdoor kitchen, try using those colour palettes, design ideas, or even furniture forms.

While you can't go wrong when it comes to creating your outside area, think about styles and colours that are adaptable so you won't be constrained in the future if you want to change things up.

It's all up to you.

After a hard day at work, your outdoor kitchen should be a comfortable, peaceful spot for entertaining or unwinding. Make it a place where you can relax and unwind.

Consider including one or two tiny indulgences in your outdoor kitchen design to make you want to spend time there. These can be as tiny as a few lovely tea lights or as huge as a wood-fired pizza oven.


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