How to edge with a string trimmer?

June 14, 2022

When it comes to edging, string trimmers, weed eaters, or weed whackers are not considered the most suitable tools. However, I have seen many homeowners, and many professionals use trimmers to accomplish their tasks. This technique also works for me.

"Having the string spinning away from you while the trimmer shaft is placed on your shoulder is the most efficient way to edge with a trimmer. This allows for precise movement along edges and visual confirmation while you are working."

How to edge with a string trimmer? Step By Step Guide

Step1: Make sure you mow your lawn before edging it.

After you mow the grass, it looks neat and uniform. To complete the job, you can clean up the edges with your string trimmer.

You can end up with shorter grass along the edges if you don't mow right before edging the borders, so it won't look good.

Step 2: Hold the trimmer at a 90-degree angle, so the string spins top to bottom

Using one hand to grip the trigger throttle and the other to grip the handle, operate the String Trimmer as usual. The trimmer head should be vertical to the ground after the engine has been raised upward. You can shape the edges of the lawn with the trimmer at this angle, as it cuts a more narrow area.

PROTIP: Practicing moving the head along the edge before starting your trimmer will help ensure it remains level. You get a nice even edge when you practice cutting along the border before you begin cutting.

Step 3: Hold the trimmer steady

You can trim your grass by turning on your string trimmer, so it starts cutting along the edge. For an even edge, slowly walk along the border, keeping the string trimmer level.

PROTIP: You can hold the trimmer steadier by tucking the motor under your arm

Step 4:Shovel up loose soil, turf, and other debris

It should be disposed of properly by dumping it into a wheelbarrow. You will be able to see the edges clearly while working this way. As you edge, you will also have less dirt and other debris to churn up and send flying.

Step 5: Blow clippings and loose dirt away

It can really make your lawn's edges stand out if you do this final step. Clean the edges you just cut by blowing loose dirt and grass clippings away with a small blower.


This was all I had to say and I am sure this guide must have helped you and you should be able to edge your lawn with a string trimmer through the simple steps I have described above.


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