How To Install A Shower Channel Grate

June 16, 2022

Floor drain, metal hole for draining water in the shower cabin in the bathroom, top view.

A well-installed high-quality grate can distinguish between a great shower experience and a bad one. Showers with blocked, old channel grates will have you sloshing your feet around in the water as you shower. That is because drains that are blocked, old, or have not been installed well can't let water pass through. To prevent this and have a relaxing shower experience, it's best to invest in high-quality shower grates to allow water to pass through them and drain away without problems.

What Exactly Is A Shower Channel Grate?

Shower channel grates consist of a drainage tray and a removable insert connecting to the shower's central drainage system. The drain channel is the gutter system, allowing water to pass through grooves. They come in various lengths and designs, such as The Veitch Original shower channels and similar ones. You will be able to get the best channel grates for your bathroom. After getting the best channel grate, you can begin the installation process.

  1. Make Sure You Clear The Drainage Point

You must clear your drainage before installing the shower channel grate. Do some deep cleaning if needed. The drainage points will differ in size depending on the size of your shower. Some bathrooms have linear shower drains, which require clearing before installing the shower grate. You can also wear plastic gloves while clearing away your shower drain to keep your hands safe from any grime you may find down the drain.

  1. Put In The Shower Drain Flange

Once you have cleared the drainage point and has become visible, you can install the flange. A shower drain flange is a shower component that can serve as a cover for the shower drain. It is also known as the drain basket and can be replaced. It also covers the shower drain hole and gives your shower a polished finish. Shower drain flanges can also be customized to match your bathroom's faucets or create a more uniform aesthetic.

Once you have placed your shower drain flange in, you can move on to your water stop angles and waterproofing.

  1. Create Slopes As You Waterproof The Shower

Once you have placed your shower grate into the drain, you will have to create a slope that leads water towards the drain. It will ensure that the water is led directly into the drain for an effective drainage system as you shower. It means the area around the grate is exposed to water and must be protected.

You can use different types of waterproofing membranes to waterproof the shower grate. These waterproofing membranes are as follows:

  • Liquid Waterproofing Membrane - This is the most popular when it comes to waterproofing. It's known as waterproof paint because applying it to your shower grate may need a paint roller.
  • Sheet Waterproofing Membrane - This is made from blended plastic components and can be attached to the surface of the tile's backer board by using a tile mortar.
  • Foam Shower Bases - These bases are covered with a cementitious coating that does not need a membrane to bond to the surface of the shower.
  • Foam Tile Backer Boards - Last but certainly not least, these serve as a dimensionally and structural load-bearing substrate that can waterproof the shower membrane.

Although you can use mortar to waterproof the shower grate so that you can direct water towards the drain, many other products can also help you. These products are also readily available for homeowners who want to remodel and reface their bathrooms. If you are unsure which waterproof membrane to choose or which products to buy, you can consult a professional. Once you have waterproofed the shower, you can now focus on installing the shower drain grate.

  1. Install Your Shower Channel Grate

There are two types of drains in showers: linear ones that run along the wall and point drains on the floor. You can place your channel grates in the center of linear shower drains or get creative and place it on either end. You can also install it in a more custom location as long as it serves its function of making sure water drains out of your shower.


Cover is stainless steel, drain cover floor drain from modern shower in bathroom
  1. Sand Down And Cement The Floor

After installing your shower grate, you need to sand and cement the floor surrounding the drain. While sanding down and cementing the flooring, remember to leave a few spaces between so that you can place your tiles above the height of the drain. Once that is done, you can fill any joint gaps that exist between the shower grate and tiles.

You can use a sealant adhesive for this job to expand and contract. Once the sealant is dry, you can enjoy your shower with the newly installed shower channel grate.


By following these simple instructions, you will have a new customized shower channel grate that will allow you to have the best showers. Your shower channel grate will be secure, you won't be sloshing around in the water, and you will completely drain your shower once you're done. Shower grates are very customizable and come in many colors and material options.


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