How to Install the Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

June 21, 2022

Has the harsh outdoor environment killed your sling patio furniture? Well, if this is the case the good news is you do not need a replacement sling. There is one cheapest and the easiest way to fix your sling patio furniture back to perfection.

Want to know how? Simply by replacing the worn-out sling with a new one. How is replacing the sling cheap? Because it does not require any professional handling. Even a naive person can install a sling. Here's how you can do it yourself as well;

Remove the end caps gently

All sling patio furniture has end caps. The end caps secures the sling to it's place. Since you are planning to replace the sling, begin the operation by removing the end caps. The end caps get worn down pretty easily. Therefore, you have to be super careful as otherwise, the end caps would get broken and you will be searching to replace them as well. If the end caps are not coming off easily, take the screwdriver's assistance.

Undo the bolts

Once the end caps are removed, the bolts would be there holding the sling. Take a socket wrench or a hex to remove the bolts.

Get rid of the old sling

Since we have removed the end caps and the bolts, it's high time to get rid of the old sling. No equipment is needed to get rid of the old sling, simply pull it up and the sling will come off.

Order or prepare a sling

At this point, you have two options. You can either measure, cut, stitch, and prepare a sling yourself or order a ready-made sling. Using a ready-made sling is easier and it isn't expensive. So I suggest you go for a ready-made sling.

Add a new sling

Adding a new sling would be tricky but not so tricky that you can not do it. Take the unfinished end of the sling and slide it into the rail. Get the loose rail off, if there is any. Give the sling a good stretch and get rid of as many wrinkles as you can. Do the same to the other side as well, pull down the sling to the edge of the frame making sure there are no wrinkles.

Tighten the rail up

Now that the new sling is on, spread the sling using a clamp or spreading tool, and put the bolts back on using a drill. Tighten the rail as much as you can. Otherwise, the sling will continue creating issues.

Install the spreader bar

Once the rail is tightened, it's the need of the hour to install the spreader bar. Put one end of the spreader bar into the hole, when it is secured put the other end into the opposite hole.

Give the final touches

The sling patio furniture would already have been looking nice and new. However, you still have to give it a final touch. Using a cutter, trim off the excess sling, and seal it up by putting the end caps back on. You are done!


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