How to Make Open Shelving Work

June 30, 2022

Open shelving is this new-but-not-new concept of storing things in your home on shelves that have nothing in front of them to hide what is on them. We probably all have shelves in our home where we store things, but the idea of open shelving is usually embodied by a series of shelves or a bookcase type structure where the shelves and the items on them are part of the design aesthetic.

Kitchen Open Shelving - Why Open Wall Shelving Works for Kitchens

A lot of times, when you have a piece of furniture like this in your home, it can look chaotic and disorganized. Here are some bits of advice that will help you keep things focused and ensure a stylish open shelving design.

Useful or Not Useful

There are two ways to go with how your items are to be stored on the shelves when it comes to open shelving. You can either use items that are very useful to you and would get a lot utility in the home or you can use items that are rarely used.

So, with rarely used items, you can think more about the decorative design of how they're stored on the shelving. They will almost never be used or moved, so design and decoration are the key factors for how they are arranged.

With items you use often, you want to make sure that they're accessible in your open shelving and that when some items are removed from the open shelving furniture, the shelves still look attractive. Keep this in mind as you decide which items to put in the shelving.

Your open shelving can even be used to store your digital devices, like tablets, phones, and laptops. When you want to take these devices out and browse the web or search for สล็อตแตกง่าย to play, yoy should make sure that the empty space doesn't detract from the beauty of your design. Also consider putting in charging ports on your shelves if you want to use the shelves as a storage place for electronic devices.

Watch out for Junk Filling

You want to be careful about which items you choose to go on your shelves when you're going with an open shelving design. A lot of items will just look like junk and will be very difficult to arrange and organize in an appealing way. Try not to include appliances or oddly shaped items on the shelves, as those can be really tough to work a design around.

If you do want to store some items that have odd shapes, which would essentially mean anything other than a rectangular design, then try to limit them to about one per shelf. Better yet, limit them to one or two per bookcase.

Try Repackaging

There may be some items you're interested in storing within an open shelving design but they wouldn't look right there. What you can do is repackage them. You can take food items and take them out of their bags and put them into storage containers. A line of identical looking storage containers look so much nicer on your shelves than bags of dry goods.

If you want to put small toys on the shelves, you can also put them inside containers, using clear containers so you can easily see what's being stored there. This is an excellent way to use your shelving more effectively and efficiently, store a lot of things in a relatively small area, and achieve an attractive design overall.

Consider a Color Scheme

If you want to make your open shelving look really organized, try incorporating a color scheme in there. Choosing items that are all of similar colors can look incredible. You may not have that kind of freedom, but you could try putting a specific single color on each shelf instead.

It can be really tough to pull off a great color scheme without having to buy a bunch of things to fill out your shelves. One way to help create a more unified look is to paint your shelving, and another would be to put down contact paper that helps you create a specific color scheme.

Hopefully these ideas help you with your open shelving concept and enable you to pull it off with style.


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