How To Take Care Of Office Furniture

June 25, 2022

On a daily basis, it only takes a few moments to get your office furniture ready for the next working day. Aside from that, your office building most likely has a cleaning service that comes in at least once a week to clean the entire office space.

The heavy daily use, however, can leave a mark on your workplace furniture. Dust will gather in your expensive carpets, scuffs on the office chairs may appear, and you may even discover scratches on your desk. This is why office refurbishment is also crucial to consider, but more so other ways to ensure the maintenance of your office furniture.

Deep Clean Everything

A huge cleaning spree is an excellent opportunity to thoroughly clean every nook and corner of the office space, leaving it dust-free and gleaming.

Rather than wiping around computer keyboards and screens, you should empty them away from the entire desk and clean it thoroughly. Moreover, during a large yearly cleaning, certain drawers containing stuff that is never used like old paperwork and random knick-knacks can be disposed of.

It will take some effort, but you will be rewarded with a neat and tidy workspace. You will have a fresh and refurbished office space for the coming year as a result of your hard work.

Deep cleaning carpets and chair upholstery is also an option. These things may not appear to be filthy at first glance, but cleaning them is essential from time to time. After years of heavy usage, these pieces of furniture have accumulated a lot of invisible dust and dirt. That is why you should have your office furniture professionally cleaned every few years.

Consider a Clean Desk Policy

You may also consider having a clean desk policy that must be followed by all employees. When they clean up their desks daily, dirt won’t accumulate as much.

Additionally, if they are provided with system storage, such as a filing cabinet and drawers to keep office supplies, then their office space will appear organized.

Food stains are tough to remove, therefore it’s also important that you remind them to avoid eating at their desks. You might also warn them to avoid spilling drinks because liquid spills can stain and harm many types of furniture, including leather and wood.

Finally, they should be encouraged to report defects as well. They must report any unusual sounds from a chair while sitting, a movement in the desk and fixture joints, or a loose screw to the administration office so that appropriate action can be taken right away, such as an office refurbishment.

Maintain Wooden Office Furniture

Wooden pieces of office furniture are simple to keep clean and repair by having them polished. A moist towel can be used to clean the treated wooden office furniture and fixtures. It’s also important to mention that tea and coffee stains are tough to remove later, so use coasters to avoid them.

You might also use a moisturizing agent to maintain the wooden fixtures in pristine condition. Furthermore, if the wood has stains that cannot be removed by hand, you can have the wooden furniture sanded and oiled again.

Keep Office Leather in Check

Leather is a stunning material that offers both quality and durability, hence it’s used quite a lot in office spaces. However, it’s a little bit tricky to maintain.

First off, you should also avoid placing your leather office furniture in the brightest part of your office since too much exposure to sunshine will cause the leather to dry up. Even if you faithfully follow these maintenance guidelines, your leather furniture may eventually begin to look old and dried out.

When this happens, apply leather wax to the affected area. This will revitalize your leather office furniture and make it last a bit longer.

On a regular basis, maintain a constant wiping routine of the leather sofa or chair in your office using a moist cloth to delicately remove dust and filth build-up.


While it may appear that office refurbishment and maintenance is an unnecessary effort, failing to do so has a negative impact on the overall efficiency of your workspace. Maintaining your workplace furniture will help your employees be focused and more productive. Cleaning should be regular, but a major clean-up should also be done at least twice a year. With that, you may call on for professional help.



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