How Window Roller Shutters Improve Your Home's Security

June 20, 2022

Window roller shutters have recently gained popularity as homeowners seek to keep their houses safer while maintaining a good look. With standard windows remaining susceptible to burglary, window roller shutters are effective deterrents.

As the cost of keeping homes safe increases, window roller shutters serve as a better investment for homeowners. Besides keeping your home secure, window roller shutters can offer you other benefits.

One of the important benefits is curb appeal. When installed professionally, window roller shutters can add aesthetics to your home, accentuating your home perfectly. Furthermore, shutters increase the value of homes by adding a contemporary look to the house. Visit and other websites to learn more.

What Are Window Roller Shutters?

Window shutters are durable coverings installed on windows. They’re rollable shutters mounted to protect the window and, by extension, the home. They feature a frame with horizontal rails or vertical stiles.

Available in varying prices, sizes, appearance, and durability, shutters can either be louvered manually or be used through a remote control. Outdoor shutters are available in different colors, offering homeowners comprehensive options.

Improving Your Home’s Security

Although shutters provide additional benefits to homeowners, the main reason why homeowners install them in their homes is to enhance security. Here's how having window shutters in your home improves security:

1. Keeping Your Home's Interior Private

Window roller shutters improve your home's privacy. Shutters make it impossible for people to see what's happening in your home, enhancing your security.

Window shutters boost home privacy by creating an additional barrier on the exterior side, making it impossible to see what your family members are doing. Some rolling shutters come with an automatic locking system. Installing such shutters in your home can increase security because they can't be opened from the outside.


2. Blocking Sun Rays

Another way window roller shutters improve home security is by blocking sun rays that cause indoor temperatures to rise during summer as well as drapes and furniture to fade with time.

Most people install blinds and curtains in their homes, thinking they’re sufficient to keep the summer heat out. But this rarely works as glass windows absorb the sunlight and pass the heat into the house through the curtains, significantly pushing the temperatures inside the house up. Installing window roller shutters to your home adds a layer that keeps UV rays out, protecting your home against overheating.

By blocking UV rays, roller shutters also protect the things you have in the house from damage during summer when the temperature rises past the 30 °C mark.

3. Preventing Glass Breakage During Storms

Rolling shutters improve home security by protecting window glass against breakage during storms. The main characteristics of a storm are turbulent torrential rains and strong gusts of wind, breaking any glass that appears on their path.

Ordinarily, shutters are made from a more durable material, making it difficult for strong winds and rain to reach window glass. They’re placed on the exterior part of the window, making them highly effective in keeping window and door glass from shattering during storms.

In addition to guarding your home against weather elements, window roller shutters offer insulation benefits. They prevent energy loss via windows and doors, keeping your energy bill low and your home cozy during winter.


4. Protecting Against Wildfire

Most people live with the hope that they'll never deal with wildfires, but this isn't always the case. If you live in a region prone to wildfires, installing window roller shutters can secure your home against fire.

Roller shutters provide a protective barrier to homes when there's a fire threat. Further, roller shutters protect homes from hot winds that carry hot embers in the air and radiant heat capable of breaking windows in the absence of fire.

When it comes to effectiveness in protecting against fire, roller shutters have a rating of up to BAL 40, which means they provide maximum protection in high-risk situations. Although no roller shutters can be considered a 100% fire-safety solution, they can significantly lower the risk of damage.

Final Thoughts

Securing a home is a priority for many homeowners. Although there are different ways of protecting a home from burglars and weather elements, window shutters provide an affordable and effective way to secure your home.

Shutters are available at different prices, durability, and appearance. Homeowners have the option of installing manual or automated shutters in their homes. If you're a homeowner and are unsure whether installing roller shutters in your home will boost your security, the four strategies highlighted above show how they do. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.


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