Importance of Using Infrared Heaters for Your Home

June 2, 2022


Infrared heating system for homes is quite popular; still, some people are not convinced about their effectiveness. The lack of proper information about infrared heaters makes people question their relevance.

This post will explore the importance of using infrared heaters for homes. Let's find out why these heaters are best for keeping your house warm.

What is infrared heating?

An infrared heating system is highly efficient and effective, but most importantly, it is the healthiest way to heat your home. A frameless infrared panel heater uses far infrared to heat a space. Far infrared emits radiation that travels through the air without warming the atmosphere. When the far-infrared touches an object, it gets warmer. It works in the same way as sunlight coming through a window. It provides a more profound sensation of warmth without emitting any harmful UV radiation. As these heaters use electricity, they are much cleaner to use.

Today, infrared heating system technology transforms homes' heating because it is easy to install. Models like infrared glass heaters and bathroom heaters take very little room and can be installed on walls and ceilings. Additionally, the added flexibility of a stylish finish makes them suitable for indoor installation.

Infrared heaters do not use much power

An infrared heating system uses 60% less energy than traditional convection heaters or storage heating systems. Cost efficiency is one of the most significant advantages of using a frameless infrared panel heater for your home.

Furthermore, as infrared heaters warm up the air to transmit heat, they directly deliver heat when you come in contact with the radiation. There is no need to warm up the atmosphere; these heaters use a fraction of the power. These heaters use a wireless remote thermostat that maintains the temperature without excessive electricity. The panels' temperature is not too high, making them safer for use indoors.

For homes, infrared heating systems are best as they help reduce the enormous carbon footprint in the long run.

Zoned heating 

When installing a frameless infrared panel heater, you only heat the area required and the amount of time necessary. This is called zoned heating, which is much more sustainable than heating the entire home like gas central heating systems. Smart controls like a wireless remote thermostat allow you to program the heater to work at a set temperature without wasting electricity.

Zoned heating is very efficient in heating spaces that you use the most. Unlike gas boilers that need to be heated to a specific temperature before they warm the house, infrared heating systems work much faster without wasting resources.

House insulation affects efficiency 

An infrared heating system can offer many benefits, but the efficiency of these heaters depends on several considerations.

If your house is large with over four rooms and uses a central heating system, then you might not be able to benefit much from infrared heaters. On the contrary, if your house has less space, you can easily adjust heating in one or two rooms or use heaters with thermostatic controls and timers. An infrared heating system with a wireless remote thermostat will be an ideal solution for you.

It helps to keep your home well insulated. Poor insulation can significantly hamper their efficiency as infrared heaters work via radiation. To get the most efficiency, you should well insulate your house such that the heat absorbed by walls, furniture, and other objects keeps the warmth for longer.

Infrared heating is best for domestic use

Infrared heating has been preferred for commercial and industrial applications since 1960, as it replaced coal fires as a heat source. Since then, the technology has evolved to make it possible to use the infrared heating system for smaller spaces.

With the development of advanced and greener heating technologies like infrared bathroom heater, more people are adopting this efficient and cleaner way to keep their homes warm. Another advantage of using far-infrared heating panels is that they are installed in minimal space and require no maintenance.

Their silent operation makes them ideal for domestic use, and their radiant heat offers a healthier thermal comfort.

Finally, when it comes to design, infrared heating panels offer tremendous flexibility as they are available in several methods. You can install an infrared glass heater that looks unobtrusively sleek in your room or an infrared bathroom heater that doubles up as a mirror.


Infrared heating systems are best for homes as they work on the same principle as sunlight. The thermal comfort provides a more profound sensation that helps muscles relax. Energy and cost efficiency is another advantage of infrared heaters that make them ideal for domestic use. If you have questions about the importance of using infrared heaters for your home, we hope this post answers most of them.


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