Improving your home security

June 28, 2022

If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that one of your top concerns is the security of your property. Whether it’s been a while since you looked at your alarm or you’ve just moved in and you’re trying to protect yourself from being burgled, a home security system is a high priority.

Between 2020 and 2021 there were over a quarter of a million burglaries in England and Wales – a surprisingly high figure, given that many of us were at home during this period due to lockdown. These numbers reveal just how common burglaries are.

If you’re thinking of ways to deter burglars, read on as we round up some top home-security ideas.

Lock it up

Window locks are the most common form of household security. Getting into the habit of double-checking that all windows are closed and doors are locked before you leave the house is a good practice. Even the windows that seem out of reach can often be easily accessed by those who want to break in.

Also, make sure that the windows on your shed or garage are secured. It can be easy to forget about these external parts of the home but, if you store big-ticket items like bikes and even your lawnmower in your garage, it’s crucial that you have good-quality locks on windows and doors, such as uPVC door locks, and that you reaffirm that they’re locked before you go out.

Ring the alarm

An effective alarm system can be an excellent deterrent. The last thing that a would-be burglar wants is to draw attention to themselves and a noisy alarm that wakes the house – and the neighbours – will do just that.

Investing in an effective alarm system can be expensive, and you might consider fronting some of the cost with a payday loan alternative if you need to, but it’s one form of home security that could be key to your safety. Take a look at the different types that are available to work out the one that suits you best.

Shed some light

Motion-sensitive lighting is another deterrent that works. As a person passes the motion sensor, light floods the area. Whether you want to have some added security in your garden or at the front of your home, you’ll find that prospective burglars will be very reluctant to be centre stage as they trespass on your property.

Stars of CCTV

CCTV can be useful as you can see who’s coming and going from your home and it records anything that you might miss while you’re asleep. Coupled with your motion-sensor lights, this turns any potential burglars into TV stars and can make them think twice about breaking in.

What security systems are you thinking of adding around your home?

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