Invest In Making Your House Sale Ready

June 21, 2022

If you're looking to make a profit on the sale of your home, 2022 could be an excellent time to prepare the property for viewing. Not only is inflation reaching record levels, but other economic indicators are pointing toward a huge sellers' market in real estate. That means owners looking to put their houses up for sale can fetch excellent prices, sometimes far in excess of what they originally paid. The main thing to do before selling is to invest in making everything look as good as possible. What's that mean?

It means exploring all the little and not-so-little jobs that could spruce up curb appeal, like shutters, walkway lighting, landscaping, and garage door appearance. Painting the inside and outside can be a costly endeavor but is one of the fastest ways to make any home look vastly better. Additional chores that are wise investments of money and labor are gutter repairs, roof touch-ups, de-cluttering yards, and deep cleaning the interior. If done correctly, a get ready project can return more than you spend on it because the sale price can be set that much higher. Here's how to begin.

Add Up the Costs and Borrow What You Need

Borrowing to prepare a property for sale is a high-return proposition. Unlike taking out loans for vacations and paying off high-interest credit cards, borrowing funds to facilitate a real estate sale means getting a potentially quick return, and a big one, on the borrowed money. One reason so many owners choose to take out personal loans for these kinds of projects is based on common sense. While on single touch-up or repair job is excessively costly, doing several of them at once can place stress on personal finances. Few people have enough cash lying around in a savings account to do a comprehensive house makeover for pre-sale purposes. Often, borrowing makes very good sense, and this is certainly one of those times.

Curb Appeal Projects

Curb appeal involves anything a potential buyer can see from the curb when they arrive to view the property. To boost your curb appeal quotient, consider hiring a professional landscaping company that can deal with plants, shrubs, and lawn tasks. Then, attend to painting or replacing the garage door, adding walkways lights for early evening showings, and attending to window components like shutters and awnings.

Painting, Gutters, and Deep Cleaning

If you're in decent physical shape, it's possible to do a full-scale, inside-outside paint job on your own, but the paint itself is still a significant expense. Some owners choose to do the inside painting themselves and hire contractors for the exterior. Unless the gutters are in perfect shape, think about replacing or repairing them. While you're near the roof, take a look at the general condition of the shingles. Roof repair can be tricky to diagnose, so call a local pro to do an official inspection. A new or recently repaired roof can be a major selling point for any home. Finally, hire a professional cleaning company to do a deep-clean job inside. House hunters pay close attention to cleanliness, so paying for an experienced cleaner is a wise investment, particularly just before selling.


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