Learn How To Space Foundation Plantings in Landscaping

June 2, 2022

Are you unsure about foundation planting around your home? The Landscape Design Medfield MA can guide you throughout the entire process of foundation planting. The landscaping designs around your house or in your front yard can make your home more welcoming to the guests.

Design that Suits Your Architecture and Style Of Your House

When you are going for foundation planting, you should work according to the entire style and the architecture of your house. If the architecture of your house belongs to formal symmetry, you can use the shredded shrub on both sides of the entrance, giving a mirror effect.

But if you have a cottage-style look with asymmetrical architecture, you can go for the casual placing of the plants or the shrubs. When tall plants are placed on the corners of the house, if the house is not big, it can appear taller due to the illusion of the foundation planting of tall plants. The flowering trees of medium-sized trees can also be planted to nurture the beauty of the house.

Enough Space For Growing

When you are foundation planting, you are required to provide enough space for the plants to grow. Make sure the roots and the branches of the trees will not harm your house. The water or the sewer pipes should not get in the way while the growth of the plants.

You should have a clear idea of the proper space for the growth of the plants while working on the foundation planting for the landscaping. The Landscape Design Dover MA can help you with the sizes of the plants and how much space they would require for the growth.

Sketch Your Design

If visualizing your design is difficult, you can sketch the designs of the foundation planting. You can take a picture of the front side of your house or can sketch your house according to your convenience. Even if the picture or the sketch is not perfect by scaling, an idea will boost the foundation planting of the landscaping of your house.

Never Block Windows

The foundation planting should be done in such a way that the windows of your house do not get blocked by the plants. Make sure the trees are proportional to the size of your house and the house should not appear smaller due to them. Shrubs are low enough in height and will never block the windows.

Requirements of Plants

Sunlight, shade, and water are the basic requirements of plants for their growth. You are required to take care of whether the plants are getting adequate shade, sunlight, and water. Different plants have different sunlight requirements. For example, the roses would require 6 hours of sunlight per day for proper flowering the plants.


The landscape design in Medfield MA can help you decide the sizes of the plants proportionate to your house. Foundation planting can help in looking your house more beautiful, especially during the entry. Grading the soil and taking proper care of the plants are required so that they can grow properly without any obstruction.


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