No Dig Pipe Relining - The New Way to Repair Your Drains

June 9, 2022

Experiencing a blocked drain is something no one ever wishes to experience, especially if there is a larger issue at hand with broken or damaged pipework.

A blocked drain in your sewer system usually results in wastewater and sewage overflowing somewhere on your property. This could be from your toilet lines, your shower drains, or even your kitchen drain line.

When your sewer line is blocked up, it is definitely a more urgent situation than most other blocked drain situations, because you usually can't continue to use any of your internal plumbing.

In most instances, repairing a drainage pipe requires having to dig down and expose the damaged sections of pipework. Sometimes even heavy excavation machinery is required due to the depths and length of the damaged area, resulting in your property being left like a war zone.

However, thanks to new technology from German engineers, pipe relining allows you to have your drainage pipes repaired with no dig, no fuss and leaving them 4 times stronger than they started. That means no more blocked drains!

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is the latest technological solution to rehabilitating damaged drain and sewer lines underground - without the need for costly and damaging digging and excavation.

We call it the "Simple No Dig Solution" of Drainage pipe repair, this is essentially like a stent for your drains. The drains are the arteries for your home and if there is a blockage, that is when serious problems can occur.

When an existing pipe or drain develops a leak or cracks - you will usually find that as time goes on things like tree roots, rocks, and other debris from the ground will begin to fall within the pipe reducing the amount of possible flow.

When this happens, you may start to see warning signs such as gurgling toilets, slow draining sinks and other abnormal things. These signs will continue to happen until your blocked drain is cleared, however, if your drain does in fact become clear and flows freely It will continue to come back and block up until your pipe is fully repaired.

If you’ve noticed any of the blocked drain warning signs, take action and call a plumber to diagnose the cause of the problem potentially becomes a disaster.

Normally when you have a blocked drain - the plumber will remove the obstruction and allow your pipes to flow freely. However, the issue is that the tree roots can grow back and cause another blockage in the near future.

If your pipes are blocked or cracked, repairing them may require digging up your property. Sometimes the pipes may be in a difficult spot - such as under your concrete driveway or patio. This can lead to all sorts of headaches! The pipe relining process gets around these issues by repairing the pipes without the need to dig or excavate.

This pipe relining method can save you time and money - not to mention the fact of not having to tear up your lawn or driveway.

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

The leaders in this field are Jetset Plumbing. Having gone to hundreds of thousands of blocked drains over their time, there is nothing they haven’t seen. They have shared with us their process:

The plumber will then clear and clean the pipe using a high pressure water jetter. The drain clearing machines operate at 5000 psi - so it will cut away any tree roots and blockages and leave your pipe free from any obstruction ensuring a full seal of your broken pipe.

Once your pipe is clean - the plumber will prepare an epoxy resin mixture and attach it to a specially designed lining material. Once inside the existing pipe, this lining material will form to the shape of the pipe, sealing all cracks and broken connections as the epoxy resin fills the entire area and becomes one whole new pipe.

This lining is then expanded using a bladder filled with compressed air. This pushes the epoxy resin firmly against the inside of the pipe. The sleeve is then left to cure, forming a brand new pipe within the pipe. It is 4 times stronger than standard pipe material and is built to last as it comes with a 25 year guarantee.

The bladder is then reduced and removed from the pipe and you're all set. No more broken or blocked pipes! And no digging!

Advantages Over Other Pipe Relining Methods

There are a few different methods of pipe relining. Other plumbers use a technique where the pipe is just resleeved with a lining and hardened.

This isn't as effective, as there is a gap between the original pipe and the new pipe. This allows tree roots to still enter the original pipe and cause further damage in the years to come.

Jetset Plumbing uses the ultimate in relining systems with the highest quality relining solution on the market. The only products they use are official Watermark Approved Brawoliner relining products imported directly from Germany.

Their systems and solutions are unsurpassed in terms of being able to repair around bends of up to 90 degrees, repair satellite junctions, and provide repairs with quality, precision and the lowest failure rate in practical application. They have been tried and tested to meet Australian conditions.

The resin itself is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion while remaining environmentally friendly - it has a durability of over 50 years!

For more information on the simple no dig solution for repairing your blocked drains, head over to Jetset Plumbing and find out how they can help you!


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