Pros Of Engineered Timber Flooring Found in Stores & Local Shops

June 8, 2022


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One of the primary aesthetics for the interior of the home is the flooring. Between the floor and the walls, a homeowner has the foundation for the overall scheme to present as their final interior design.

Selecting among the varied options can prove daunting with the diverse products and the subcategories for those products on the market. Among the most favored options is wood due to its capacity for transitioning style to suit a modern household, the traditional farmhouse, or the bungalow by the bay. There are so many species, different grains, and knots; the choices are numerous.

Authentic hardwoods, however, have a reputation for expense, challenges with installation, and exceptionally high maintenance for the lifespan of the flooring.

You can mimic this natural beauty from these floors without having the headaches by investing in "engineered timber flooring," check out

. You would believe that the engineered timber flooring is genuine hardwoods, but, in fact, these are not straight through.

The indication is that the "top and bottom layers comprise 100% natural wood in varied species." The central sections consist of a several-layer section of plywood positioned in "crisscross" patterning that is held with glue. With these timbers, a homeowner has a durable albeit aesthetically appealing product reminiscent of the authentic woods but with much less fuss.

Pros Of Engineered Timber Flooring Found In Stores & Local Shops

When shopping with flooring stores and local shops to find the optimum wood floor, many people are turning their attention away from the authentic hardwoods due to the cost, exceptional maintenance requirements that extend the lifespan, and the difficulties with installation.

The alternative most choose is engineered timber floors for a similar appearance to the natural woods but without any of the downsides. These boast a more budget-friendly price point, have an easier installation process, and are lower maintenance. Go here for comparisons between hardwoods and engineered timbers.

The plus with these timbers is you can find one that will work with virtually any aesthetic, whether you are a contemporary with a minimalist style, a traditional in a rustic farmhouse, or have a stilted beach house with a casual vibe. Other benefits you will find with engineered timber flooring include:

Varied options for installation compared to authentic hardwoods

The suggestion with these floors is that the construction is deliberate to enable sufficient stability so that the timbers can be incorporated into any environment regardless of volatility. Generally, areas not suited for hardwoods are accommodating to these timbers.

For example, you can install the planks over radiant heating systems (for many instances), over top concrete pads, and use them in basement spaces. These allow a greater sense of versatility where there might not have been for specific areas otherwise.

That would include conditions where there are considerable temperature changes, much humidity, or if there is a need for a floor that can handle abuse.

A more straightforward installation process

Not only can these planks go in more locations than hardwoods, but the installation is much simpler to the point a more budget-conscious shopper has the option of DIY installation. That can save considerable expense.

While you can always save money when doing remodeling or renovations in a DIY capacity, there is a possibility of running into challenges or facing difficulties with every home project. It is more beneficial to have the product installed by the experts to ensure it is done correctly the first time.

Professionals have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to do the job timely, completely, and simply. You can save money from making potential mistakes, save considerable time and effort, and have confidence you will receive a beautiful result.

A budget-friendly product

These products are more budget-friendly than natural, solid hardwoods except perhaps the "premium options." It also boasts a much more cost-effective installation, even with an expert handling the process.

A subfloor is not necessary

With engineered timber floors, there is no need to incorporate a plywood subfloor to install the planks. These timbers can lie directly over a concrete pad with no concern about not having plywood lying down.

The suggestion is that this, in fact, makes the process a bit more straightforward and could possibly reduce the price point.

Aesthetics and versatility

Woods have been used for flooring for eons. In that same vein, the engineer timbers offer that natural aesthetic, a beauty none other can compare to, and inviting warmth that vibes with any surrounding.

These planks are at home in any situation. Whether you choose the industrial scheme, modern or minimalist, urban, rustic, any sort will find a complement with these designs.

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Durability and stability due to design and construction

Because of the way the planks are designed and constructed with a core consisting of perpendicular layers, the suggestion is there would be less of an instance of "contraction and expansion."

That tends to be a problem in the winter months when the air tends to be much drier. Because of the increased stability, homeowners can go with wider planks if that is their choice and still at a budget-friendly price point.

Refinishing is possible

It is essential to research your particular floor's specs to be confident in this specific option, but the indication is that at least one time, it is possible to sand down the plank and refinish them. With some, you can actually do the process a few times throughout the flooring's lifecycle. Again, research or ask the experts when shopping for your floor.

Environmentally friendly

The top and bottom layers of wood are thinner on the planks using much less natural wood than, of course, a solid piece of timber would. That implies a single limited resource generates much more product than it would have for a more invasive product like solid woods. And the timber floors boast among the best sustainability for flooring.

Healthy products

Woods and engineered timber products are better for generalized health in the flooring sector because these in no way harbor allergens. These can include mold or mildew, pet dander, pollen, and dust, things that would be exceptionally irritating to someone prone to respiratory distress or asthma. These promote a healthier, cleaner, safer environment.

To keep the floors clear of dust and dirt, the suggestion is to employ regular vacuuming and sweeping. It's also advised that any spills be cleared immediately to avoid leaving permanent staining on the flooring.

Mopping should be with only a damp mop without "generic soaps" since these also have the potential for permanent damage.

The indication is that the surfaces should be treated similarly to that of natural hardwood to avoid scratches, staining, and damage. They are, however, much more minimal maintenance and easier to care for. You can be comfortable putting these timbers in any room in the home, even those seen as high-foot traffic areas. It is suggested that these are incredibly durable with the capacity to handle much abuse, including little ones running back and forth.

Final Thought

Many people love the idea of wood flooring throughout the home. Regardless of the species, the tone, the grain, and the knotting, it is warm, welcoming, and sets the tone for the entire household's aesthetic.

The problem with hardwood floors is they are a challenge to maintain. It takes a lot of time and effort, which endures their lifecycle. No one has the time to care for these, particularly in the world we live in today. Everyone is too busy.

Fortunately, homeowners can get that same beautiful aesthetic without having to put forth all that time and effort with the engineered timber flooring. These planks have a durable, stable construction with an authentic natural wood top and bottom and a plywood core with roughly seven layers running crisscross to allow for added sturdiness.

Because of how these are designed and constructed, homeowners do not have to worry about where they place the flooring, even including these in areas that see a great deal of foot traffic with no harm to the floors.

These floors are low maintenance compared to solid timbers. Still, they do require the surfaces to have similar care to avoid scratches, staining, and damage from spills, using generic varieties of soaps for cleaning, and other sorts of missteps.

The planks do blend with desired design situations, adding the finishing touch to that modern minimalist look, the chic cottage style, or even the rustic ranch. You cannot go wrong with these timbers.


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