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June 2, 2022


The Pakistan Origin Card (POC) aims to give qualifying foreigners unprecedented benefits while also ensuring that Pakistan remains firmly engaged with experts around the world.

  • Multiple visa-free visits to Pakistan are possible.
  • Stay in Pakistan indefinitely with no need to report to the police or foreigners' registration agencies, etc.

A foreign national who is married to a Pakistani citizen or a Pakistani national who has renounced nationality to gain foreign nationality, or whose parents or grandparents are or were Pakistani nationals, will be granted POC. POCs have the same rights as NICOPs, with the exception that they cannot vote or seek a Pakistani passport because they are of Pakistani descent rather than nationality.

Benefits of Having POC:

Here are some advantages of POC you would have:

  • You can enter Pakistan without a visa.
  • You can stay for days there, months, or years in Pakistan if you have POC.
  • Having POC allows you to buy and sell the property.
  • You will be granted the ability to open and operate bank accounts.

You can quickly submit your application on the NADRA Card Center website by providing some data. There is no need to include any personal information or comprehensive history. You simply need to include the basic information, such as your name, phone number, and email address. We at NADRA Card UK never place our customers in an uncomfortable situation, and we respect their worries. We also provide another document delivery option for our customers, in which the applicant's documents will be carefully mailed to the address you provide us with before submitting your application.

The NADRA Card Center delivery service works at a faster rate to ensure that you receive your documentation as quickly as possible. We also guarantee that your personal information will be kept secure during the operation. If you need your NADRA Card Renewal UK Fee right away, you can acquire it in 7 to 10 days if you use executive service. The delivery of normal service can take up to a month.

Who is Eligible for POC?

  • You can apply for POC if you are a Pakistani-origin immigrant or a foreigner with canceled nationality. POC is also available to your family members. The following Pakistani nationals are eligible to apply for POC, according to the guidelines:
  • Former Pakistani Citizens: Any person who does not now have Pakistani citizenship but has been a Pakistani citizen at some point in his or her life.
  • Foreigners with Pakistani connections: A person who has never been a Pakistani citizen but any of his or her parents or grandparents is/was a Pakistani citizen at some point during his or her lifetime, provided that at least one of his or her surviving relatives is now a Pakistani citizen.
  • Any person who has never been a Pakistani citizen but was born on the Indo-Pak subcontinent, lived in the areas now included in Pakistan and obtained the citizenship or nationalities of a foreign state or country before the implementation of the Pakistan Citizenship Act. In this case, the individual must provide documentation that at least one of his surviving relatives is a Pakistani citizen.


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