Save Your Budget Living in Alaska

June 24, 2022


Living in Alaska may seem quite daunting because of the extremely cold -48 degrees weather over there, but people lead pretty normal lives up there like all of us. Instead of living in igloos, people live in some really beautiful and cozy houses. This is why Alaska real estate never has to experience any dull moment.

In case you have been offered a lucrative job in Alaska or you just want to explore the colder size of America, we have combined a list of reasons why you should move there.

Alaskans Are the Happiest People in the US

The cost of living might be a bit higher than the other states, yet Alaska ranks number 1 when it comes to people being satisfied and happy when it comes to their lifestyle. Housing is a bit expensive and the cost of groceries is also high, yet you can always cut down unnecessary expenses and live an easy life over there.

The Government Pays You For Living in Alaska

While this may sound too good to be true, the government pays around $1600 to anyone who has completed an entire year in Alaska and plans to live there indefinitely. This stipend gives a great boost to your budget, and you can add it to your savings account.

Experience Nature Closely

While a lot of people live around lakes and among green mountains, yet the kind of closeness you feel to nature is quite different in Alaska. You can see all those grizzly bears, wolves, mountain goats, bison and other animals exclusive to that region.

It Holds A Great State Fair

With a population of around 700,000 people, almost 300,000 Alaskians attend the annual state fair every year. The fair is full of a lot of fun, games and other attractions.


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