Six Ways To Add Texture to Your Home Decor

June 18, 2022

Whether you’re a new homeowner, apartment renter, or are just looking to spruce up a space that is already well-loved, you’re likely a bit overwhelmed by potential interior design choices. Should you go for minimalist, contemporary, traditional, rustic, or chic? It’s easy to get swept up in the latest interior design trends, but how do you find decor and pieces that are uniquely you? How can you invest in high-quality, timeless pieces that grow alongside you— without breaking the bank? One of the easiest ways to give your home that ageless flair is by seeking out smaller decor items, like rugs and pillows, that provide just a touch of color or texture. Not only will they elevate your space and act as conversation pieces for your house guests, but they’ll also remind you that your home is a place where you can be yourself. Read on for six unique decor ideas that will make your house feel like a home.

Throw Pillows

These are perhaps one of the easiest ways to add texture and color to a couch, chair, or daybed. Deep, earthy colors are versatile enough that you can use them no matter your home’s architecture and paint colors—not to mention, they add a bit of thoughtful comfort for you and your guests. There are plenty of pillows with unique shapes and textures, and it’s easy to rotate them depending on the season.

Vintage Rugs

Why buy a rug from IKEA or Target when you could have a rug with character? The future of interior design tells us that sustainable, one-of-a-kind rugs are the way to go. One of the biggest design trends for 2022 is 70’s retro pieces, making vintage rugs both trendy and ageless. Plus there are plenty of styles to choose from—distressed rugs, shag rugs, and Oriental-style rugs. Intricate patterns and colors draw the eye and add personality.


You would be surprised how much a bit of greenery can liven up a space. Spider plants, snake plants, English ivy, and philodendrons are some of the easiest house plants for beginners, and if you really have a green thumb, maybe you can even take on a fiddle leaf fig or Venus flytrap. Consider tailoring your plant choices to the aesthetic of a particular room so you can make your guests feel like they have stepped into a rainforest, or maybe a lush countryside filled with flowers. It’s easy to find plants that hang, creep along bookshelves, or rest on a windowsill, making them ideal for adding texture to walls or other blank spaces.

Non-Traditional Seating

If ordinary wooden chairs are becoming a little mundane, consider investing in furniture that functions as both a seat and a piece of art. Layered benches, stools, textured ottomans, and poufs are both stylish and comfortable. It’s easy to mix and match smaller seats depending on which corners of a room could use some renovation. Purposefully filling—or choosing not to fill—even the smallest nooks and crannies in a room shows that you’re conscious of your space and how it’s being utilized. More importantly, your home is a place for relaxation, rejuvenation, and entertainment. You want guests to feel welcome in your space, and as such, it’s best to make sure you have plenty of charming seats.

Artistic Decor

If you want your home to feel like a complete, balanced space, it’s best to spruce up your most-used, functional pieces of furniture with a unique bit of beauty. Maybe you have a table in your front hall that acts as a catch-all for keys and miscellaneous items, or a kitchen counter with nothing but a coffee machine on display. These types of textures can be an eyesore but tend to be inevitable as we go about our daily lives. Make sure you balance out unattractive, everyday essentials with art pieces that capture your personality—whether that personality is minimalist, maximalist, or something in between. In particular, art pieces that have clean lines or geometric shapes tend to provide a much-needed sense of peace and zen, especially in a living room or bedroom.

Decorative Towels

What about a smaller space this is strictly full of essentials, like the bathroom? For those of us in apartment or tiny house living, the bathroom can often be the most cramped—and most challenging space to decorate. With no room for decor or plants, a great option for bathroom decor is perhaps the most obvious—towels. A stack of bright orange, pink, or blue towels is both functional and colorful. Consider towels with unique textures or bold patterns, such as stripes, and drape them over the bath, on the walls, on a chair, or on a shelf. Decorative towels provide a lively bit of contrast to all that stark white, and can even be put to use as decor in a kitchen or outdoor patio area.

Whether you implement one or all of these ideas to add a bit of interest to your home, remember that the most exquisite home is one in which the decor and style speak to you. Seek out colors and textures that are as authentic and beautiful as you and your space will feel like home in no time.

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