Summer is coming, which of these kinds of summer cooling quilt is better?

June 5, 2022

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the air conditioning fan or something will start blowing soon. At night, it's okay, but in the early hours of the morning when people are asleep, the temperature is cold, and people can easily get diarrhea and colds. So a cool, soft, comfortable summer cooling quilt is very important.

So TENCEL, cotton quilt, silk quilt which are currently sold on the market, in the end, which is more pro-people, more suitable for cover? What are their respective advantages and disadvantages?

1.Cotton quilt - the most common quilt

Cotton, a traditional warming material, is the most used quilt because of its fine cotton fibers, natural curl, and cross-section with a center cavity, so it has better warmth.

Advantages: less static electricity, pressed body, good warmth.

Disadvantages: The fiber tends to be knotted, and the resilience is poor, so it should be renovated from time to time. Cotton winter quilts require more pounds, so the weight is higher.

2. Duvet - the warmest comforter

The main fillings of the duvet are goose down and duck down. Compared with the two, the goose down comforter is better than the duck down one. But regardless of which down comforter is made, the main quality indicator is the amount of down content. Generally speaking, those with more than 50% down are of high quality.

Advantages: good warmth, good moisture absorption, sweat permeability, and dryness. It is light, soft and soft, and its weight is much lighter than cotton quilts, etc.

Adapted to the crowd: Because the down comforter also has the ability not to cause pressure on the human body when used, it is suitable for people suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, poor blood circulation and the elderly, pregnant women, children, etc.

3. Silk quilt - the most environmentally friendly quilt

The best silk quilt should be filled with 100% mulberry silk. Because silkworms cannot touch chemicals such as pesticides during the growth process, the silk quilt should be a "green" environmentally friendly quilt.

Advantages: breathable, light and soft, comfortable to the touch, slightly less warm than down, but the lightest. The main component of silk is animal protein fiber, containing more than a dozen amino acids, which is beneficial to the human body. It is best for women to choose a quilt of silk, which is effective in maintaining skin moisture and has a certain effect on skin beauty.

4. Tencel quilt - quilt of artificial fiber

The cores of both Tencel and silk quilts are actually fiber quilts. But the fiber is divided into two kinds, belonging to the natural fiber is the silk quilt. But the Tencel quilt is a man-made fiber.

Advantages: soft and comfortable, breathable and moisture permeable, anti-mite and anti-static, good elasticity, durable, easy to wash and take care of, cheap.

Disadvantages: comfort is not as good as silk quilt.

5. Fiber quilt - the cheapest quilt

Among all the quilts, fiber quilts should be considered the most moderately priced. Fiber quilts can be divided into four-hole, seven-hole and nine-hole quilts, etc. The more the number of fiber holes, the better the warmth, elasticity and breathability.

However, it should be noted that it is not necessary to choose a fiber quilt with more holes. If the indoor temperature is high in winter, it is enough to choose a quilt with four holes; if there are high requirements for warmth, choose a fiber quilt with more holes.

Advantages: cheap price. The porous fiber, mainly seven-hole and nine-hole cotton, has good elasticity, good filling and looseness, and can be machine washed.

Disadvantages: chemical fiber friction is easy to generate static electricity, so a long time inside the core will absorb a lot of dust and dander. There is also the number of holes the rougher the fiber, the worse the fit.

In summer, I most recommend you to use silk cooling comforter. Compared with cotton fabric, silk fabric is obviously more suitable for summer, and it feels cold on the skin and has good moisture absorption and discharge. I'd like to explain the moisture absorbing and releasing properties here. Silk fabric can quickly absorb moisture and also dissipate moisture, so it can retain a certain amount of moisture under normal circumstances to moisturize the skin, but also when the skin sweats, it can quickly absorb sweat and disperse, lowering the surface temperature of the skin to enhance the "cool feeling".

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