The Benefits Of Bird Watching & Feeding Backyard Birds

June 29, 2022

You’ll benefit in two ways: bird feeding will boost curb appeal, and it’ll also educate you about their behavior, diet, and physical characteristics.

Birding enthusiasts focus on the benefits to an individual. For instance, LoveTheBirds helps you improve your bird watching experience with guides on how to attract more birds.

Today, we want to focus on what birds can do for you when you keep a bird feeder out for them come rain or shine. Here's:

How Feeding Birds Transforms Your Backyard

Here's what's different between a backyard without birds and one with dozens of species.

Brings Nature To You

We spend so much time indoors that we almost forget the sights and sounds of the bush unless we take the occasional walk in the park. But, you can bring the beauty of a city park to a backyard.

The little effort put into landscaping to add bird feeders, plants, birdbaths, and fountains will change your space forever. In a few seasons, your yard will attract resident or migratory species in your state.

Then you can get a camera, a pair of binoculars, a lounger, and have a birding experience on your deck. It becomes such a great space to host family too and see who identifies the most bird species.

Insect Control

It seems as if birds only visit because of your generous portions of bird seed and fruit slices. However, when you sit on your deck and watch these feathered friends explore your space, you notice they do more than pick seeds from a feeder or the ground underneath.

When you attract ground feeders like cardinals, thrashers, doves, and grackles, they also clear spiders, flies, crickets, beetles, and centipedes, among other insects. It's so much better than spraying insecticides.

Flower Pollination

Bees are the most efficient pollinators, but various birds do this too, including hummingbirds, honeycreepers, orioles, and sunbirds. They transfer pollen as they suck nectar from wildflowers in your yard. They may be responsible for the bloom you enjoy every year.

Excellent Pets

Some people can’t keep pets because they have allergies. Others feel pets are demanding. Well, having birds keep you company might fill the gap. They get most of their food in the wild, so it's more affordable to host birds than pets that depend on you only. Plus, some species reuse a nest, so you’ll have avian friends coming over every breeding season. That's enough reason to maintain your nest boxes and feeders ready for the next season.

Weed Control

As birds enjoy seeds in your backyard, they also eat weed seeds before they germinate and ruin your garden. Such weed seeds include ragweed, pigweed, and pigeon grass, and the birds that clear them for you are blackbirds, doves, cowbirds, and goldfinches.


Bird feeding supplements what they get in the wind, especially during winter months when food is scarce. You’ll also love being out on your deck enjoying the calls and songs from your feathered friends.

Beyond these benefits to you as an individual, birds also change your backyard. They eat weed seeds and insects, so say goodbye to troublesome insects like beetles and dragonflies. Now that you know this, how has bird feeding benefited your backyard?


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