The Importance of Servicing Your HVAC System Regularly

June 6, 2022



Your HVAC system can be the most expensive and important equipment in your home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep it in perfect condition by doing regular professional service. Ideally, you can decide to have an HVAC system service twice a year. This means a cooling service can be done every spring while a heating system service can be scheduled each fall.

Remember that there is always an HVAC Service Cost, so make sure to budget accordingly. After all, these services are necessary for many good reasons. This article discusses the importance of servicing your HVAC system regularly.

Save Money

Doing a HVAC system service can help you reduce energy bills, prevent costly breakdowns, stay protected under warranty, and extend the life of the system. Several studies have indicated that regular HVAC service can reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns by at least 95 percent. Think about this, you can’t drive your car for more than 20,000 miles without changing the oil because you can end up in trouble. The same holds when it comes to your heating and cooling system.

Preventive maintenance can also assist to make sure that your heating and cooling system operates efficiently. This can sometimes mean that you can save a lot on energy bills. You should note that a HVAC system that is in poor condition tends to use more energy to be effective.

Regular service of your heating and cooling system can also extend its life. As a result, this reduces the chances that you can spend tons of cash on a HVAC installation in a short period.

It’s also important to note that most manufacturers of HVAC systems need proof of annual service when you submit a repair claim. Some of the parts included in your heating and cooling system can be quite expensive, so you need to do annual service to keep your system covered under the warranty. This can also save you a lot of money when something goes wrong in the long run.

Improve your Air Quality

Some studies show that indoor quantities of airborne pollutants can be between 2 and 5 times higher than outdoor levels. This is especially important if you or a family member suffers respiratory problems like asthma.

Most people may not know it, but most of them share a wide range of substances that are not good to breathe. Some of these common indoor allergens come from ordinary household dust that contains a lot of respiratory problems, such as dust mites, pet dander, cigarette smoke, mold, and pollen.

If a musty odor worries you about mold, then it’s high time you should have the air ducts professionally cleaned. In most cases, preventive maintenance can assist to make sure that the cold or warm air going through the vents is well-filtered and clean.

Improve your Comfort

No doubt, you may rely on your heating and cooling system to be comfortable throughout the year. Regular service helps your HVAC system to produce and distribute the cool or warm air steadily and more evenly. Even better, it can reduce the chance that you can come to your house after work on a winter’s day only to find cold air coming through the vents.

Sometimes, you can get used to a room that seems chilly in the winter or too hot in the summer, so you can take the service for granted. But preventive steps, such as cleaning the ductwork may assist to make sure that your house cools and heats efficiently and evenly. Regular service also reduces the risks of HVAC smells or noises that can disturb your quality of life.

Keep your House Safer

There are some horror stories out there involving the heating and cooling systems. For example, someone can go for a holiday and comes back only to find a severely damaged and frozen home. If you are not at home and the heat stops working in winter, it can lead to frozen or burst pipes that can damage your home. In such cases, the cost of repairs can be quite huge.

You also need a heating and cooling system preventive maintenance because it protects you and your loved ones against the risk of carbon monoxide. This is an odorless and colorless gas whose effects can be dangerous. Research has shown that exposure to even low amounts of this gas can lead to some serious health problems.

The most common cause of these gas leaks is a failed or cracked heat exchanger. A heating and cooling system needs regular service that includes a carbon monoxide test. This test  can identify any potential danger. A good  HVAC expert can also recommend the advantages of placing a carbon monoxide detector.

Help the Environment

If you are concerned about your green footprint, then remember that a well-maintained heating and cooling system tends to consume less fuel, which is good for the planet. You should also note that there is some refrigerant that is ideal for the HVAC system. Therefore, make sure that you use the right one because others are being taken away from the market due to the substances included that harm the environment.

A HVAC technician handling the controlled refrigerant needs to have a certification. Therefore, they can assist you to understand the type of refrigerant you are utilizing and its impact on the environment.

The HVAC contractor can also speak with you about the advantages of utilizing a programmable thermostat or even switching from oil usage to natural gas so that you can reduce the heating and cooling system’s effect on the environment.

Unfortunately, most homeowners overlook the benefits of servicing their HVAC systems. As you can see, you can benefit a lot by servicing your heating and cooling system. You should always contact an experienced HVAC contractor to service your unit at least twice a year. This makes sure that the system is in perfect shape to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Before you decide to hire a contractor, make sure that they are qualified to handle your system.


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