Tips on The Most Hygienic Way To Clean Toilet

June 16, 2022

No doubt, cleaning a toilet is one of the most unpopular household chores. Yet, you can't avoid it. If you don't clean the toilet bowl, it will soon turn yellowish and start stinking like a badass odor. Plus, it will be the breeding ground for all types of germs.

Thus, you must know the most hygienic way to clean toilet even if you don’t like the task. You should start by flushing the bowl a few times and then pouring the commercial toilet cleaner into it. Finally, you need to clean the interior and exterior parts of the bowl and flush it off again a few times.

Cleaning the toilet in the right way will eliminate germs, odor, and a dirty look. You will, thus, enjoy a clean and hygienic toilet.

The Most Hygienic Way To Clean Toilet:

Although you may not want to wash it, you must clean the toilet once a week or periodically. So, why don't you learn the right way to clean the toilet? So, let's jump into finding ways to clean your dirty toilet properly without any delay. If you Use Skirted Toilets for your home, you will get some benefits of hygiene cleaning. So You can choose as your way!

Step 1: Flush off the toilet a few times

Almost no people will consider flushing the toilet when they start the cleaning process. Yet, it is essential because flushing off the toilet bowl will soften its residues. Plus, it makes the cleaning process of the bowl fast and easy. Also, it removes germs quite a lot and will reduce the use of commercial cleaners quite considerably.

Step 2: Pour in the cleaning solution

Next, you will need to add the cleaning solution for the toilet. You must add the toilet cleaning solution inside and outside the bowl and its wall. You may choose gel, liquid, or powdered cleaner for the toilet bowl.

Also, you should put the lid on the toilet flush. It will prevent the splashing of the cleaner. Also, when you apply the cleaner, ensure that it stays close to the toilet rim. Finally, apply the cleaner properly to every part of the toilet. You must also clean the toilet floor. Here are some tips on how to clean hard water stains in the bathroom when you're finished cleaning the toilet.

Now, wait for a few minutes to help the toilet cleaner soak into the bowl and walls. It will also soften the residues and grimes to make your cleaning easier.

Step 3: Clean the toilet bowl

At this time, you can start cleaning the toilet bowl. However, it would help if you were careful because many people will suggest you flushing off the toilet before you start washing it. You shouldn't do it because flushing the toilet will remove the commercial cleaner.

Instead, pour water into the bowl. Then, start wiping off the cleaner with the bathroom cleaner too. You should start cleaning from the top and carefully reach the bottom of the bowl. It will help you prevent the grime and residues from coming into the cleaned bottom of the toilet from the top.

You must carefully wipe the residues from the interior of the toilet rim. When you finish cleaning the toilet bowl and seat, you need to work with the exterior part.

Step 4: Clean the toilet exterior and floor

Now, you should start cleaning the exterior part of the toilet seat. You can easily apply the commercial cleaner and wipe it off using the cleaning tool. You need to follow the same process for wiping out the debris and grime from the toilet floor.

There's maybe rust on the toilet bowl or floor. If you can't remove it with the regular cleaner, use WD-44 rust cleaner to eliminate the rusty look quickly. Now, flush the toilet a few times and inspect for any residues.

And before wrapping up the toilet cleaning, ensure you have wiped the water from the floor. It is crucial because a wet floor may cause people to slip and get injured using the toilet.

Also, add a fragrance to your toilet. It will keep the toilet scented for a long period and increase its pleasing feel while you are inside. You may also apply germ cleaner for a better result.


Cleaning a toilet is straightforward. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist for it. However, you must follow the basic cleaning rules for the toilet. Last but not least, wear gloves as your hands will close contact with the toilet bowl. You may even use goggles to protect your eyes from germs, as they can be dangerous.



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  1. Great post cleaning bathroom and our home is necessity and it's more fun to do

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