Top 7 Tips to Buy Paintings from the Digital Store

June 24, 2022


Works of art can make everyone fall in love with them, even through the screen of a computer or a phone when we see them in a digital store. If you are set on buying a painting, we would like to offer some PROs and CONs of buying online.

Buying a work of art is a more subtle and personal process than purchasing any other wall decor, for example, a clock or a sconce. That is why there is absolutely no need for haste here. It is much more important to feel and think. In partnership with Noble Portrait, we will give you some tips on buying paintings in a digital store and hope that they will help you avoid any disappointment.

Decide What You Are Looking For and Do Your Research

Everyone has their own reasons for buying wall art. Someone wants to decorate their home and create a unique atmosphere, whereas, for others, painting becomes a significant investment. Choose which side you are on, and based on this, determine the size and theme of the picture that meets your expectations. It may also affect your choice of an online gallery and your budget.

The decision to buy a work of art via the Internet is an occasion to study it properly and get acquainted with other paintings by its author as a whole. Learn more about his oeuvre (and, perhaps, even his biography and creative path). This will allow you to understand how close his manner and reputation are to you.

Verify the Legitimacy of Digital Store

The sale of paintings may seem a very delicate and sophisticated sphere, as, indeed, everything that relates to art. However, scammers do not shy away from doing their business here, especially when there is an opportunity to illegally enrich them online. That is why you should exercise extreme caution when dealing with a gallery with which you are unfamiliar.

First of all, try to find out more about the promoters or founders of the gallery or digital store. You can ask around with friends or search for information and reviews on the web. The design, content, and usability of the gallery site should also inspire confidence and demonstrate the reliability and respectability of the company.

Another valuable marker is the ability to pay by card. If the employees of the digital store accept payment in cash only, this should alert you.

And finally, a secure web presence (you can judge it by the "lock" icon next to the URL in the browser you are using) matters as well. All this may seem like too much, but forewarned is forearmed – even when we mean the world of art.

Demand Certificate of Authenticity

The presence of certificates for works of art is a reliable sign of their uniqueness. A painting that you can trust usually has two such certificates – an artist's signature on the work itself and a confirmation from a well-known art gallery. From a dealer, an artist's representative, or a gallery employee, you can request a document of authenticity for a painting. Companies that protect their image will be happy to provide you with the necessary certificates.

Feel Free to Ask Questions

The purchase of a painting that is one of a kind is a very delicate and even intimate process. That is why you should not hesitate to ask any questions about the work of art that you like. Reliable online galleries have their own customer support team, so you can get advice by e-mail or via phone at any time when it is convenient for you.

You can ask for additional confirmation of the authenticity of the work by sending it to you in close-up shots or videos. Many digital stores also provide a visualization service so that you can see how the painting will look in your home. Besides, the details of delivery and painting care measure when shipping may interest you as well.

Do Pay a Fair Price for the Artwork

There is nothing shameful in buying a work of art exactly at the price you expected, without any impressive overpayment. Feel free to compare works and prices both within the same gallery and in different digital stores to find the best offer. At the same time, keep in mind that the certificate of authenticity makes the picture more expensive – but it's worth it.

Know Your Space

You can’t ignore the compatibility of the work of art with your interior, no matter how much you are fascinated by it. Assess the area of the room, its lighting, decor, and rhythm to determine whether the painting will be appropriate there. You can take measurements or use a template the size of a picture you like for the visualization.

Love What You Are Buying

Your choice of painting in the digital store is a reflection of your vision and emotional impulses. That is why it is so important to buy paintings that have caused a strong emotional response or have had a serious impact on you. Don't let the big names or the fashionable manner mislead you. If all this is not close to you, you will feel frustrated all the time.



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