Top ideas to improve the interior of your van!

June 15, 2022


Your camper van need not be rusty and look like a rundown shack. You can do with quite a lot of camper van ideas to prune your camper van into a habitable space. If you have never tented a camper van before and are short of small camper interior ideas, then look no further than this blog of ours. You may just feel proud of your aesthetic sense and can boast of a camper van that has interiors that can spice up your road trip.

Dress up the walls

You can put shiplap or plywood panels on the walls of your vehicle. This way your camper van will feel homely and not like a vehicle. You can try some pastel shades in your paint or try some neutral tones such as beige, tan, or whites to make the space inside more like home.

Flooring ideas for camper van

You can cover the floor of your camper van with a rug when traveling to colder areas in the US. This way, the rug will radiate more heat and keep the insides of the camper van warm and cozy. In your early ages you can go with renting a Van for example at Honolulu Car Rental Under 25. For more aesthetics, you can try bamboo flooring or vinyl planks. These will resemble a wooden floor of your home and even dirt or sand that may trickle inside the flooring.

Get creative with lighting

Lighting can be both decorative and functional in a camper van. You don’t have to splurge too much and keep the lighting simple. You can try LED fairy lights or LED strip lighting. You can illuminate the back of the camper van with recessed lights. You can hang LED strip lights over your bed and build a romantic atmosphere on your road trip.

Natural skylight

Permitting natural light is best when traveling in a camper van. It can also feel more natural than artificial lights. So you can have all the natural sunlight during the day. And when you are camping for the night you can sleep under the starry night sky for a more natural adventure on your road trip.

Add a kitchen

If you plan to do a road trip that may last longer, then it may be a very prudent idea to invest in a camper van with kitchen space. A pull-out kitchen can save precious space and can include counter space, a two-burner stove, and some storage. But you can get more luxury from a dedicated gallery-type kitchen with a stovetop, faucet, sink, and granite counters.

Work area and dining

A camper van is all about space and when you are traveling with family, then you can double up your work area into a dining area as well. When talking of small camper interior ideas a multipurpose work and dining area is what we are talking of exactly. You can design your camper van interior with a foldable or removable table so that you get an additional sleeping berth in your camper van.

A space for a shower

Van life can be so much exciting if you had the luxury to have a shower after a long day of hiking. You can build your shower inside with a few adjustments. You can have a retractable door, a drain, and a heated water tank. You can also attach a shower head and hose to a kitchen sink and bathe in the warm water heated by a solar-powered heated tank.

Get tiles for that homely feeling

Spruce up the interiors of your camper van with patterned tiles. They get cleaned easily, are easy to wipe, and add décor to your camper van. A kitchen can be so much pleasing to the eyes with these patterned tiles. You can place tiles on the van door so that they appear to be the walls of a shower.

Murphy bed

Beds can occupy a lot of van space. They can eat up the room inside the camper van and have to be assembled every time you want to sleep. Murphy beds are a space-saver in a camper van. They can go up the wall during the daytime, and you can use the extra bed space as a cooking or dining space. Pull the bed down at night and you will have a comfortable bed for sleeping.

Bunk beds

If you are traveling in a camper van with a family, then bunk beds can add that little bit of extra space for kids to play. They are great for pets too. So this way, you will have an added space for a play area and kids will also be able to relax a bit. Bunk beds can be a great camper van idea if you want to save space and utilize it as optimally as possible.

Pull-out decks

If you have planned halts on your road trip and have rented a camper van, you can design a pull-out deck in the camper van. So when you are at your desired halt, you can just pull out the deck and use it as a counter space, or dining space. A pull-out deck at the back of the camper van can also be a viewing deck to sit on and admire the surroundings.

Hang plants

Plants can add greenery and color inside a camper van. If you are short of camper van interior ideas, then plants can add beauty to the camper van interiors. Fasten some hooks against the wall, and hang plants, or you can stick some hooks to the ceiling and hang pots there. Make sure the pots reach the window so that they can keep growing, and you can then take them back home.


You have to just look around for ideas to decorate your camper van and you are never short of inspiration. Van life can get so much more comfortable with these small camper van interior ideas. Van life aesthetic ideas can transform the interiors of a camper van. By renting a camper van you can move around in comfort and style. A camper van can be a home on wheels if you implement these camper van ideas.



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