Treat Your Windows to New Curtains This Spring

June 3, 2022



Window treatment offers you privacy, prevents the sun from penetrating inside your home with unwanted heat and glare, as well as the ability to help keep cold weather at bay.

Along with all of these practical use cases, window treatment also dresses your window to make your rooms look more elegant and modern.

The year 2022 appears to be one of practicality, which is being reflected in the various popular curtain trends.

Window treatments ideally need to enhance the look of your decor and furnishings.

Whether you want to be familiar with current trends or you are looking for ideas to stimulate your choices, here is a look into window treatments to help you start your decorating journey.


Trending Colors for 2022

Make your home modern with the latest color selections for 2022.

For 2022, stylish curtains can come in shades of beige, brown, purple, dark blue, milk, and chocolate brown.

To add light to your interior design, consider using blue, peach, and lilac.

More specifically, paint manufacturers have made their “color of the year” picks for 2022, which have been centered around soothing shades that inspire introspection and gratitude.

Blue curtains fit directly into this category as a color that sits snuggly in the cool section of the coloring spectrum that, along with blue, includes purple and green.

Stripes or Florals for the Kitchen

Pick yourself some kitchen curtains that have patterns that can brighten up the space, such as floral patterns or stripes.

Kitchens may have similar issues of privacy as other rooms in your home do. But there are also the problems of sticky residue and odors that come from cooking and eating.

Make life a whole lot easier for yourself, and select machine-washable curtains with durable fabrics that can handle regular cleaning.

Stay away from decorative elements that can become a problem in the laundry.

If you are looking to use your curtains in the kitchen to bring in some colorful personality, pick ones with patterns to stand out from bland-looking appliances and cabinets.

Roller or Roman Shades

Keeping things clean and effortless maintenance is a trend this spring for window treatments, one that makes sense all year long.

The classic look of Roman shades offers clean lines to complement modern interiors.

Create privacy while also being able to let in the amount of light that you want with top-up, bottom-down Roman shades. According to Bumble Bee Blinds, you can create privacy while also being able to let in the amount of light that you want with top-up, bottom-down Roman shades.

You can use decorative trim on the edge of Roman shades and drapery panels.

Roller shades are also popular window treatment options.

Traditional Roman shades, as well as shutters, are popular in that roller and solar shades are among the fastest-growing products in window treatments, with a wide selection of transparencies and colors to choose from.

Clean Lines in the Living Room

This spring, consider minimalism and simplicity in order to help you declutter your home because, let's face it, clean lines never really go out of style.

Layering curtains are also a popular window treatment for living rooms when you are aiming to embrace simplicity in your location for entertaining guests.

With layering curtains, you get the ability to provide light control along with providing a rich look that makes your living room appear more formal.

Why not pick light-colored fabrics or sheers to create a comfortable vibe in your living room?

Remember, your living room is most likely the room that your guests will see first and possibly spend the most time in.

Establish a good first impression for your home environment with a cozy aesthetic to use new curtains when you are re-evaluating your home decor.

Home Office Shades

When it comes to selecting blinds or shades for home offices, Roman shades, roller shades, or wood blinds come in multiple colors, styles, and materials.

When you are working away on your desktop computer for long periods of concentrated time or you are engaging in important conference calls, you need to have a workspace that not only has privacy considerations in mind but also sound control to avoid awkward interruptions that can come across as unprofessional.

When you are using your webcam for video meetings, being able to quickly control the light in the room to eliminate blinding glare or unflattering harsh light on your face is important.

Adjustable shades are your go-to solution to manage virtual communication.

Light and Sound-filtering Curtains for Bedrooms

Finally, while you treat your windows to new curtains this spring, you can combine blackout or soundproof curtains with sheers in order to allow light into your home during the course of the day while maintaining your privacy.

When you are decorating your main bedroom, bedrooms for your children, or guest rooms, you are going to need the ability to control the light, sound, and even the temperature with curtains to help ensure that you create the ultimate sleep zone for your family and overnight visitors.

Now you can achieve all of these goals with room darkening, soundproof or thermal curtains due to the fact that all these types of curtains are constructed with thick, heavy insulation materials.

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