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June 9, 2022


Water is at the top of the list of essentials needed to live a healthy life. While many people in the United States have access to water from taps, two million people do not have access to uncontaminated water. The amount of toxins that can make water undrinkable, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, is enormous. Water filters can be handy in this situation.

Why are water filters important?

Water filters, according to Maya Feller, MS, RD, CDN, certified dietitian nutritionist of Maya Feller Nutrition, eliminate dangerous toxins such as physical, chemical, biological, and radioactive constituents from the water. Feller tells Health, "These purifiers and filtration systems remove toxic metals, medicines, and some pesticides." "It's actually damaging to our health if we don't drink pure water."

Ingesting water contaminated with bacteria, pesticides, E. coli, or heavy metals has been linked to gastrointestinal illnesses, cancer, and reproductive effects, as well as less-than-pleasant symptoms like stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, emphasizing the importance of a water filtration system. That being said, dive into the top water filter picks below by Expwater.

Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Feller highly recommends this filter because it serves two purposes. It purifies and filters tap water as well as water from ponds and streams, removing more than 200 pollutants. You won't have to deal with pumps because the system is gravity-fed. This filter, which measures 19.25 by 8.5 inches and contains 2.25 gallons of water, is excellent for households of up to four people. This method is 100% portable because it does not rely on energy or plumbing. Plus, the system's long-lasting construction will save you money, and you won't need to replace it until the filtration system reaches the 6,000-gallon milestone.

Brita Standard Everyday Water Pitcher

The Brita Water Pitcher, unlike some huge water filtering devices, has a fridge-friendly form, measuring 10.7 by 5.4 inches and weighing 1.3 pounds. When water passes through the filter, carbon particles activate, reducing the concentrations of chlorine, copper, mercury, and cadmium. The filter should be replaced every two months for maximum benefits, according to the company. Overall, Brita is a cost-effective pitcher and sink faucet home water purification solution for individuals on a tight budget.

APEC Water System Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Most chemical contaminants are removed by the greatest water osmosis filters, and this one from Apec Water System is the best. This five-stage filtration system removes over 1,000 contaminants including chlorine, arsenic, lead, nitrates, heavy metals, and more, and is the number one best-seller in the under-sink and countertop filtration category on Amazon. The filters are long-lasting, so you don't have to worry about replacing them every 365 days, and the leak-proof tubing guarantees that the water doesn't escape.

Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The Waterdrop filtration system recovers fluoride, limescale, and heavy metals as small as 0.0001 microns using seven layers of filtration. The activated carbon filters, which absorb impurities like a sponge, not only eliminate particles from the water, but they also improve the taste. It's also tankless, which means you can store the filter system beneath your sink to save space on your counter. It's also quite quick, purifying a cup of water in around 12 seconds.

AquaTru Water Filtration Purification System

If you don't want to fill or install, choose AquaTru's three-quart countertop system instead. This over-the-counter system, which measures 14 by 14 inches and removes 83 pollutants like lead, chromium, copper, radium, chlorine, and more, takes just minutes to set up. Two pre-filters, a carbon filter, and an activated coconut shell carbon filter are used to accomplish this. The filters strain 1,200 gallons of water and don't need to be changed every six months to two years, making them extremely cost-effective.

Sport Berkey Water Filter Bottle

Look no farther than this water bottle if you're seeking for a portable version of the Berkey filter. The bottle filters up to 640 refills of tap water and 160 refills of untreated water using a gravity-fed filter. This bottle is tiny enough to fit in your luggage yet large enough to hold 22 ounces of water, making it excellent for the outdoors or on the go, according to Syn. The bottle is also BPA-free and composed of non-leaching materials, ensuring that the product's chemicals do not combine with the water.

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

This pitcher removes 98 percent of chlorine and mercury using an activated carbon filter, resulting in better-tasting water and rust-colored water. It's also efficient, filtering up to 150 gallons of water per minute at 1.3 liters per minute. In addition, the pitcher is BPA-free and Water Quality Association-approved.



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