What Are The Three Types of Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Regulators?

June 12, 2022

The electro pneumatic pressure regulator is also called the decreasing pressure regulator. They are usually used in the pneumatic systems for maintaining the outgoing pressure. The electronic pneumatic regulator is beneficial because it provides a quick response and provides precise pressure for the fluids in industrial applications. The best part of it is that it ensures that the compressed air in the pneumatic system would not be wasted.

Three Main Types of Electric Air Pressure Regulator:

An electro pneumatic pressure regulator is said to be a valve capable of controlling the flow of liquids & gasses automatically when there are fluctuations in the pressure of the fluids. Pressure-reducing regulators are considered the most commonly used devices in various industries. It is usually used in aerospace factories & industries where the flow rate of the liquids or gasses are different. Have a look at the below listed main types of the electronic pressure regulator.

General Purpose Regulators:

The general-purpose regulators are designed to provide the maximum flow capacity while maintaining a suitable outgoing pressure to a set level point. The electro pneumatic pressure regulator works on a control spring action on the diaphragm for the air pressure regulation. The output pressure of the electronic air pressure regulator can be calculated by turning the knob in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to decrease or increase the pressure.

Pilot Operated Pressure Regulators:

Instead of pressure controlled by using the control spring, this type of electro pneumatic pressure regulator controls the pressure of the fluids by the air pilot signals. And these air pilot signals can be utilized by the pilot operator regulator. The better the pilot is, the better performance you get from the electric pressure regulator. Compared to the general-purpose regulators or controllers, the pilot-operated regulators use more better regulation of the fluids.

Regulators Specific to Applications:

For a few demanding applications for the electro pneumatic pressure regulator, particular characteristics and applications of specific regulators can be installed. A few types of electronic pressure regulator for water and gases are given below. But the specific type of regulator application depends on the selected manufacturer.

  1. Pressure regulators for the extreme accurate outgoing pressures
  2. Pressure regulators for extremely high relief capacity
  3. Pressure controllers with stainless steel bodies
  4. Pressure controlling regulators certified for potable & non-potable water

Final Words:

A pressure regulator is considered to be the essential component for the industries to reduce the liquids or gases pressure when the pressure is too high. These pressure controlling devices are functional in different machines, vehicles, dental types of equipment, welding machines, heating furnaces, pressure cookers, aerospace, gas grills, and many others. The pressure regulator is useful to reduce the high pressure and provide the low pressure supply at the outlet side. In this article, the main agenda is to mention the three main types of electro pneumatic pressure regulator. By reading the types of pneumatic regulators, you can understand how they work and how they can reduce the pressure to a suitable pressure when there are fluctuations in the pressure of the fluids.

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