What are tricks to follow to sell the home at the full asking price

June 29, 2022


Selling your home can be tricky and one of the most crucial decisions of your life. It’s tempting, emotional and comes with a bigger financial transaction. Although, selling your house requires a lot of mental preparation ranging from the emotional attachment that you have with your home to the price you want to negotiate for your home. Estate agents in UK can help you navigate the best decisions though.

Here we have listed a few tips and tricks in order to sell your home at the listed price.

1. Check Your List Price

It's always possible for buyers to bid your home below the list price but that does not mean they are not willing to scale up. The buyers often quote a lower price, in the beginning, something even lower than what they want the house to be negotiated but they always scale up to a certain level. Seeing from buyers' perspectives they are often open to negotiation.

Sometimes the buyer often counter offers a lower price than what they want the potential party to negotiate for their house. This is clickbait for the seller and they often list their house to a lower price in order to avoid a potential seller and end up closing the deal. Although this trick is useful in generating sales, your profit margin should be another factor that you should look upon before closing any deal.

The fix for this clickbait lies in marketing yourself properly and being open to your buyers. Make them feel comfortable and show them the property with compassion. Someone who is really interested in your property will surely come back to you. Although, you can follow up with buyers in order to come up with their needs and expectations. A small negotiation is ok while a huge flex is alarming.

In this entire selling process, there will come a time when you will disappoint certain buyers but the only key to generating a potential sale is to keep going and stop wasting your time on lowball buyers.

2. Reject the low cost Offer

Every business comes with a potential amount of risk and so is real estate. When a lowball offer comes in your court try rejecting them. In order to bait them in the sale, suggest they make a new offer. If they are really serious with your property they will surely do or else you will be out of nuisance in the very beginning.

This trick is surely gonna work as you have presented the worth of your property to the potential buyer. They will surely add a few changes to their offer and you can end up making a sale.

3. Create an open house

Open houses can create a good impact on your potential buyers and this can boost your sale. Once you have listed your property in the market try for open houses and make your buyers a part of your process. Don’t accept any offer for a few days and source your house.

Prospective buyers will stay in the grind and will surely make a higher offer as compared to the previous one. Thereby, generating a profitable sale for you. There can also be some scenarios where you will be receiving multiple offers and you can bid on the highest.

4. Set a timeline on your counteroffer

Sometimes you may not like what your buyer offers and you end up countering their offer. This means that you are open to negotiation with that party. In this scenario, if a high ticket offer comes to your door you may not be able to accept it as it is not the right method to approach and will affect your name in the market. The best alternative to this is to put an expiration date to your counter offer.

5.Open discussion on paying Closing Costs

Asking your sellers to pay closing costs has become a common practice amongst sellers. There are a lot of expenses that come under buyers' pockets such as a mortgage, down payment, solicitor fees, estate agents fees, etc and they feel their pocket being crushed to the pony above the clouds. Sometimes it gets difficult for buyers to close a sale deed without assistance from the seller on closing costs.

Buyers potentially do not want to spend extra bucks on closing costs to get their feet on your home, providing closing assistance to them will generally help both the parties to close the deal and proceed with the transactions.

When a potential buyer submits you an offer and asks for assistance on closing costs they generally lower the home price. These minute details are to be countered and examined from the seller's note.


The best way to generate a profitable sale for yourself is to offer a bilingual product. Instead of you speaking and hyping the product your product should speak for itself. Although buying and selling can be a complicated process and finding potential buyers for your house is surely tiring and time consuming but patience is the key.

There are certain etiquettes in showing your home to your buyers. When a buyer approaches you show your house well to them. Cater them personally and make them feel home. Sales are often emotional and houses are a means of peace and comfort to people. Make sure your property offers them these small basic values and aligns with their system. Don’t play politics and dirty mind games with them or else you will lose your sales.


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