What to do when your air conditioner is leaking water?

June 17, 2022

Respite from the sultry weather is not possible through old-fashioned fans moving above your head. It is the job of air conditioners to give you much-needed relief during such roasting days. But what if the air conditioner installed in your house begins to leak water and doesn’t guard you against these unbearable conditions?

The leakage of water from the air conditioner is an alarming bell for you. As soon as you notice it, start taking quick measures to prevent the complete breakdown of the AC unit. It is advisable to turn off the appliance immediately and seek professional HVAC support for the needed repair.

Keep reading the article to understand better the actions you can take when your AC unit begins to leak water.

Is It Appropriate to Use an AC When Leaking Water?

Before diving deeper to gain insights into the actions needed for fixing the leakage issue of AC, it is crucial to stop its usage from the point you notice the water leakage. Although it will continue to operate, the level of cooling will decline substantially. Hence, the first quick action is to switch off the AC and avoid the usage till the defect is fixed.

The reason is quite simple. If the defect tends to be an internal one, the chances of damage to the compressor will be significant. Continuous operation may severely affect the main components of the AC unit.

In addition to this, if your home has an internal AC unit, then water leakage from it can badly affect your ceiling and furniture items.

Methods to Fix Water Leakage in Air Conditioners

After the implementation of immediate response action, i.e., turning off the AC, you can opt for a few simple but effective methods to rectify this leaking water issue from the AC unit.

1.  Proper AC Installation is a Must

Always ensure that the front part of the AC's window unit is approximately 1-inches higher than its rear part. This adjustment provides the way for effective water drainage. Moreover, the logic behind it is that the slight curvature will allow the leakage to come out of the AC unit through its back portion.

In the absence of it, there is a possibility that the water may leak inside your house, leading to damage to walls and other objects present around them.

2.  Make Efforts to Clean Out the Condensate Drain

Improper maintenance, along with a lack of cleaning of the condenser drain, often creates the trouble of leaking water. Both act as a blocking factor for the drain lines.

As the condenser is responsible for capturing hot air and converting it into the water, this hindrance may lead to the accumulation of water. Hence, you need to clean and dust the condensate drain and pipe for the smooth functioning of your AC unit.

3.  Focus on Cleaning the Filters

In addition to the condensate drain, you also need to pay attention to cleaning the dirty filters. Such filters reduce the performance of the condenser.

It also plays a role in the collection of water, which later on leaks from the AC unit. Therefore, it is better to do proper cleaning of dirty filters to encourage the effective performance of your air conditioner.

Moreover, you can check whether aluminum foils located behind the filters are blocked with dirt or not. If you see dirt particles on it, make use of a vacuum cleaner to eliminate them.

Also, don’t forget to read every instruction provided in the user’s manual before commencing this task.

4.  Look for the Formation of Ice

This method doesn't demand much of your effort. You have to find the cooling coil of the air conditioner and ensure that it is properly working and not leading to the formation of ice.

Even a small decline in the coil’s temperature can convert the water into ice. So, when this ice gets melted during the summers, it leads to the leakage of water from the air conditioner unit. And in such a situation, you need to contact professionals to rectify this matter.

5.  Ensure to Wipe Out the Dirt from Fan

The fan has a crucial role in blowing cool air from the condenser in different directions. If cool air gets trapped in the unit, then also the chances of improper functioning may increase.

So, for effective cleaning, you can use a spray solution and warm water. Both will allow the dirt particles to get rinsed off and provide a smooth finish to the fan. Install it only when it gets dried completely.

6.  Eliminate the Refrigerants Weakness

Several professionals believe that it is a problem related to the refrigerant that often leads to the leaking of water from an air conditioner. You can detect the poor performance of refrigerants when the amount of cool air gets reduced dramatically.

In this scenario, you should replace it with a new refrigerant. Also, you can test this part by establishing the heating pump to the minimum possible point. Then, allow the system to run for 2 minutes.

If it leads to the creation of ice around the filter region, then you can easily confirm that there is a problem with the performance of the refrigerant.

7.  ProfessionalsHelp is Always a Great Option

When you are unable to get a clue about the defect in the air conditioner or do not have enough time to look into it, then seeking assistance from professionals will be the best choice. Although you may have to spend some extra dollars, it will ensure the proper health of your AC unit.

Air Pro Heating, Air & Electric is an established HVAC company that can fix the issue of leaking water from your AC unit at the best cost through its experts and recognized professionals.


Water leakage from the AC unit doesn't sound like a big problem, but it has the potential to damage the equipment completely. The application of proper fixing methods at the right time can improve the performance of your air conditioner and also elongate its working life.


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