Whether having a good tenant / landlord relationship make any difference?

June 29, 2022


It is important to have a strong tenant and landlord relationship if you are wondering whether it really matters or makes any difference. You may think like this - why build a relationship when all the tenant and landlord rules and obligations are stated clearly in the contract. But a good professional relationship is important for tenants and landlords to have a smooth overall experience and also help them in the long run. Further, if you are a tenant looking to rent a property it is better to get advice on renting a property from estate agents because it will help you to be better prepared before you start to live in a rental property. Also, you can know why it is vital to pay attention to the tenant/landlord relationship.

For tenants, this relationship will offer a feeling of comfort and ease if a maintenance issue arises and also as a result they can experience longer tenancy. On the other hand for the landlords, a good relationship with their tenants will pave the way for lower vacancy rates and higher profitability and they can get to know the repairs needed in a property before it becomes difficult to mend. Plus they can also have the comfort of knowing that the tenants will look after the home properly.

Both tenants and landlords can also manage any disputes easily and communicate their differences without any arguments. Know how both tenants and landlords can benefit if they maintain a good relationship and whether having it makes any difference in their association.

How can tenants benefit?

  • Receive prompt maintenance

Tenants having a bad relationship with their landlord or who missed forming any cordial relationship with them have experienced more inconveniences and there are many instances of it. Their maintenance needs may not be met as soon as they want and it could have led to a lot of frustration for them. But tenants who have remembered to maintain a good relationship with their landlords are content.

So this means if your landlord considers you as a good tenant and if you have a smooth relationship with them then the landlord will promptly make arrangements for any repairs or maintenance for you. They will take extra care to ensure that your home is comfortable enough for you and will be ready to lend their ear if you have any reasonable complaints.

  • Get reference

If you want to move to a new place and rent a property it will be far easier for you to find one if you get a reference from the previous landlord. But the landlord will only be ready to attest that you are a good tenant based on your good behaviour as a tenant and also the good relationship you had with them. So this is also an important reason why a good tenant-landlord relationship is important because it does make a difference.

  • Expect a reasonable rise in rental rates

The landlords may be obliged to raise the rents due to increasing property expenses or other reasons but they can minimise the frequency or speed of this increase on account of their tenants if there is a great professional relationship and understanding between them.

How can landlords benefit?

  • Expect tenants to maintain the property well

If the tenant-landlord relationship is going well, then the tenants are more likely to keep their property in good condition. They will quickly notify the landlord if they need repairs in their apartment. Plus, they will always have a sense of responsibility to the property so they will take care of the property as their own home.

  • Pay rent on time

The tenants will be more conscientious in paying the rent on time if they want to maintain the good relationship they have with their landlords so they will not try to disrupt it anyway by being tardy when paying their rent.

  • Handle small issues on their own

If the tenants have any issues, they will not often request the landlord to fix them. They will understand that some issues are minute so they will take care of them on their own. Therefore this allows the landlords to only assist with issues that urgently require their help.

Tips to maintain a landlord-tenant relationship

There are a lot of ways to give a good boost to the landlord-tenant relationship. The following points will help.

  • Have a good flow of communication

One thing that landlords and tenants need to take seriously is how often they communicate to talk about the important matters related to property. Both parties also have to be mindful of how responsive they are to the phone calls and messages they get from each other. It is better to talk everything out at first instead of delaying because without proper communication no relationship can be maintained properly.

  • Be considerate of the concerns

There will be some concerns at both ends at some point in time, so during these times, it is best to understand each other’s situation. For instance, a landlord may have concerns if their client is not being peaceful with the neighbours and on the other hand, the tenant may think that their landlord is not supportive. During these cases, it is better to talk and take care of the disputes as soon as possible peacefully. So listening and understanding each other’s circumstances helps.

  • Ready to accept suggestions

The landlord’s viewpoint of the property may be different while their tenant can have a different opinion because they can look at it from a different angle. So it is better to have frequent meetings so the landlords and tenants can speak freely about what can be done to make the property and its surroundings better. During these meetings, the landlords may get some good ideas from their tenants to upgrade their property so it can help them to get more tenants. Also, these meetings can help build a good relationship between the tenants and landlords.

  • Keep a record of all formal meetings

Many times it is a good idea to record or document the complaints made by or against tenants or other formal meetings you may have with your tenants so if any legal dispute arises it can help to sort out the problem and prevent it from getting serious. This has helped many landlords and tenants to maintain good professional relationships.

Get help from the professionals

For landlords trying to find the best tenants and tenants trying to find the best landlords and a great rental property, there is help available. The reputed estate agents can assist the best landlords and tenants suitable for each other to get in touch. So contact them now to avail their services.


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