Why is summer the best time to think about furnace maintenance in Long Grove, IL?

June 28, 2022

It’s no secret that furnace maintenance is important. After all, your furnace is responsible for keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter months. But did you know that summer is the best time to think about furnace maintenance? Here are 8 reasons why:

1. You’re not using your furnace

As the weather starts to warm up, you'll find that you don't need to use your furnace as much. This gives you the perfect opportunity to schedule a maintenance visit without disrupting your daily routine. A furnace tune-up can help extend the life of your furnace and improve its efficiency, so it's well worth scheduling furnace maintenance Long Grove IL before you need it again in the fall.

During a tune-up, a technician will inspect and clean all the major components of your furnace, including the burners, heat exchangers, fans, and controls. They'll also test the safety systems to make sure they're working properly. Scheduling a tune-up now can help you avoid an unexpected breakdown, later on, so don't wait - call your local HVAC contractor today.

2. Your furnace will last longer

Your furnace is one of the most important appliances in your home, so it’s important to take care of it. With regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your furnace and keep it running smoothly for years to come. A well-maintained furnace can last 15-20 years, but if you neglect it, it will likely only last 10-12 years. That’s why it’s important to have it serviced regularly by a qualified technician.

Neglecting your furnace can lead to costly repairs down the road, so it’s best to nip any problems in the bud. By taking good care of your furnace, you can save yourself money and stress in the long run.

3. You’ll save money on repairs

If you wait until your furnace breaks down to call a technician, you’ll likely end up paying for costly repairs. But if you schedule regular maintenance visits, you can avoid most major repairs altogether. That’s because a qualified technician will be able to spot any potential problems and fix them before they turn into bigger issues.

4. You’ll save money on your energy bills

A well-maintained furnace is also more efficient, which means you’ll save money on your energy bills. You could see a 5-10% reduction in your heating costs just by having your furnace serviced regularly. That’s because a tune-up can help improve your furnace’s efficiency and ensure that it’s running at peak performance.

5. You can avoid an unexpected breakdown

If you wait until your furnace breaks down to call a technician, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Not only will you have to pay for repairs, but you’ll also be without heat during the coldest months of the year. And no one wants that!

By scheduling regular maintenance visits, you can avoid an unexpected breakdown and keep your furnace running smoothly all winter long.

6. You’ll be prepared for winter

If you wait until winter to schedule a maintenance visit, you could be in for a long wait. That’s because most HVAC contractors are booked solid during the winter months. So if you want to be sure that your furnace is ready for winter, it’s best to schedule a tune-up in the summertime.

7. You can take advantage of seasonal discounts

Many HVAC contractors offer discounts on furnace tune-ups during the summer months. Also, when you schedule for general furnace repair in Barrington, IL during the summer, you can take advantage of off-season pricing. So if you want to save money on your furnace tune-up, it’s best to schedule it during the summer months.

8. You’ll have peace of mind

When you know your furnace is well-maintained and running smoothly, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Scheduling regular maintenance visits will give you peace of mind knowing that your furnace is in good hands.

So why wait? Schedule a furnace tune-up today and enjoy all the benefits of a well-maintained furnace. Aaron & Trecker Heating & Air Conditioning offers furnace tune-ups at a competitive price. We have been servicing furnaces in the Barrington, IL area for over 35 years. Our team of qualified technicians will take good care of your furnace and make sure it’s running smoothly all winter long. Contact us today at 847-865-8170 to schedule a service visit.



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