Why room numbers are important on doors?

June 19, 2022

A door is not just an object with which to close the entrance. It is also quite an important detail of the interior. The monotonous wooden, plywood, leatherette upholstered doors are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Today, their choice is insanely great. The design can be in the style of modernism, elegant classics and so on. Door fittings are very popular and have become the most important element of the door design and an integral decorative ornament. It includes any element that is fastened to the door and increases its aesthetic and functional qualities. Door figures are one of such elements.

Where and when they first decided to number the houses is now quite difficult to say. But the fact that this system is still relevant today - that's for sure. Houses, apartments, offices, offices all have their own number, and the variety of door numbers is simply impressive.

If, for example, take the recent past, then the door numbers were almost identical for all doors and obviously did not differ much in design. The inhabitants of the houses drew numbers or cut them out with their own hands from available materials.

Today you can buy door figures in any color, font and material and allow your imagination to run wild. It can be different shades of gold, copper, chrome, bronze, red or something else. They can be made of brass, plastic, ZAM (zinc, aluminum, copper alloy), etc.

Room numbers for doors like in https://bsign-store.com/collections/door-numbers can turn the most unassuming door construction into an important part of the interior, emphasize the character of the occupants, their tastes, as well as complement the style of the interior. It is possible to choose any kind of door digits - both for a plastic door, wooden construction and for a door leaf upholstered with leather substitute.

Advantages of branded numbers on the door

  • Branded door figures have a number of features:
  • high quality workmanship
  • attractive appearance
  • resistant coating
  • durability (the figures will last for many years)
  • universality
  • easy installation
  • large choice

Numbers for doors are no longer just a separate element, but high-quality door hardware, which is made of high-strength materials. Coatings of most products are made of special polymers, reliably protecting designs from moisture and external influences. Such figures cannot be crumpled and deformed, they do not yield to physical effect and are simply fastened to the door.


Variety and types

Before you buy figures for the apartment, you should get acquainted with the variety of products. They come in the following types:

  • self adhesive door digit;
  • design digits;

The figures on the mounts.

Figures differ from each other not only in material, but also in execution. They can be made in any font, as well as have an unusual design, such as scrolls in the form of shells or Scandinavian patterns. In most cases, the appearance of products depends on the wishes of the buyer. The same goes for the color of numbers. Red, gold, blue, black - color solutions are not limited.

How to choose the right one?

To buy door digits, you need to first decide on the concept of design. For the door of the apartment, large products that will be noticeable still on the landing will be suitable. The color can be any color. To choose numbers for the door of a private house, you need to take into account the color of the door leaf, the shape of the products, the material, the font. Prices will depend on the nuances of design, the quality of the material. Exclusive solutions will always cost more.

For glass doors, you can buy self-adhesive door figures. As a rule, they are made of bronze, copper, chrome, as well as brass. At the bottom is a film, which is removed just before attaching the products to the door. These products can be attached to any surface. Adhesive-based digits are the most inexpensive option for those who want to save money and endow the door construction with a pleasant appearance.

Exclusive figures can be made in an unusual style, containing fragments of patterns, symbols, some inscriptions. Coat-of-arms signs have become widespread lately. Such products will be a real decoration of a house. They are all made with 3D modeling, and the customer can watch every stage of the production of products.

The most popular are plastic self-adhesive numbers. They are the easiest to use: you remove the protective film, press the number in the allotted space, and your door has its number. And that's taking into account that it absolutely does not matter what material the door is made of, they are suitable for any surface. By the way, plastic numbers on an adhesive basis are often used by construction companies, because they have a fairly low price and a nice appearance. Accordingly, the more durable the material used, the higher the price will be.

Sometimes it matters what kind of door the product will be used for. For example, door figures that will be used outdoors can be coated with epoxy varnish. This, of course, will increase their cost a bit.

Thus, there are a lot of options for door digits. It is up to you to decide which ones will work best for your door.


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