Why the interior of Hamlet's time so inspires art students?

June 4, 2022

The book Hamlet is one of the many masterpieces of the Shakespearean age. It is a fictional story of the tragedy that tells the tales of the 14th and 15th centuries. It represents the ideologies, struggles, culture, and beliefs of the Elizabethan age. Hamlet is one of the most popular and influential works of literature. His works transcend time to remain relevant as academic literature in schools, universities, and colleges. The story captures the endless retelling and the behavioral complexities of the human race.

The setting takes place in Denmark, in the royal palace, as far back as the 17th century. The play's plot twist and in-depth characterisation have inspired much critical scrutiny. It has consistently represented real-life stories. One such example is Hamlet's father's ghost telling him to avenge his death by killing his uncle. Now, that sounds like a folk by moonlight tale, but still relatable to our present-day experience. Also, Hamlet's hesitation in killing his uncle, which some see as merely a plot device to prolong the action, but others argue as a point of realisation where morals and ethics supersede the urge for revenge. The irony behind this particular plot is that there is no hero; everyone dies, even Hamlet. What an ending.

Why is Shakespeare so important in modern-day academics?

In 2012, the British Library put a rare book on display not too long ago. It attracted so much attention from the media. The attention it garnered was as much as that gathered by the Gutenberg Bible. The book they put on display was a mass-produced edition of a text that the legendary Nelson Mandela once owned, written by him. Mandela had kept that particular volume by his bedside for more than twenty years. It had come in handy on his darkest days while he was on Robben Island, incarcerated. Sometimes, he would read passages from the book to his fellow cellmates. This book, unlike what many might think, is not the scripture. However, it had sacred characters.

These characters, such as Hamlet and Prospero, have been a great source of inspiration to many. Shakespeare often wrote historical fiction. These stories showed the lives of leaders and taught universal lessons that are important to every student in school, whether college or university. Anyone who loves to better themselves will love to read a passage or two from Shakespeare. Yet, not everyone can. You may need to check graded Hamlet essays to see how you can enrich your own life and improve your grades. Such essays can be a great help, especially with the language and grammar.

How Shakespearean Literature Can Be Inspirational

The power of literature cannot be undermined nor over-emphasised. It is beyond stacking piles of books in the library. It is beyond reading a book or even taking a course in the university. It goes beyond being an academic field of study and embraces education as a whole, which comes from in-depth research and works as a catalyst for mind reformation.

As a play in medieval times, Hamlet serves as a mirror through which we can experience the interiors of life even when acting as a spectator in the present time. We learn different lessons from the interaction and relationship between Hamlet and his uncle.

King Claudius and Hamlet both embrace deception as a weapon through their wonderful acting, using it to control others and to reconstruct this new reality — one that is fashioned by how they are to those around them. Hamlet, who has hatred towards his uncle Claudius, aims to purge Denmark by bringingClaudius's guilt to light. Since art can show audiences in their reflection, Hamlet stages a play within Shakespeare's play so he could guilt trip his uncle and expose his guilt. The story of Hamlet has been presented on stage by students as a school play or even a project work, and at different points, it has served as a reference point, giving so many insights. The richness of the story gives students the ability to use it as a compass to create the same story in different. Little wonder why the story hamlet has been screened as a play in different universities, colleges, and schools.

The Interior of Hamlet's Time As An Inspirational Depot For Art Students

Shakespeare was a poet and dramatist. He only mentions the word "architect" once in his entire oeuvre. Hence, it is a mystery to many why he would be talked about in conversations that concern architecture. In his time, popularly known as the Renaissance, the leading artists were the grand masters like Vasari, Michelangelo and Raphael. Knowing this, brings the question: what was Shakespeare's contribution to architecture, and why is it vital in today's world?

When writing Titus Andronicus, he chose simpler terms such as "building" and "plot" as opposed to using more complex Italian words that were in existence at the time. This goes to show that although he uses poetry, which was the language of the high society, he recognised the place of simplicity in beauty. Does this mean that he was inept at aspects of architecture in his plays? The answer is no!

This may point to the only thing that is how unlike his contemporaries he was. Writers like Marlowe in "A Midsummer's Night's Dream" and "As You Like It" subscribed to the ideas of Neoplatonic proponents.

You do not need to analyse critically to understand the socioeconomic roles that Shakespeare's plays carry out. They follow the principles of cause and effect. They also operate in spaces and times that are constantly changing. In the public spaces, he creates a contrast with the private spaces. This difference is seen too in how characters conduct themselves while there. In private, there is a recline from unnecessary social mores. Therefore, they speak more freely and are at liberty to conduct self-examinations and plot for the future. His use of space still prompts critical thoughts on how space can be used to convey messages.


Nothing says English literature like Shakespeare. It is an exemplar of all things good in the literary world. Hence, when Shakespeare prefers architectural solutions through his use of space and setting, it deserves to be taken with keen interest. Writers and Architects alike can definitely learn a thing or two from Shakespeare regarding the usage of space.

In life, Shakespeare is someone whose works are quoted because they are a source of inspiration. As a student, these are words that you should keep abreast of. However, do not forget that you do not have to do everything yourself. When you need the help, scan through essay examples to get your own inspiration.

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