Your Guide To Heavy Lifting Equipment In Construction And When You Should Use Them

June 11, 2022

One of the most important tools that you use when working in construction is your own body. That is why it is important to look after yourself and not partake in any dangerous activity that can result in injury. One such activity is engaging in heavy lifting without the right equipment.

There are almost half a million injuries per year that are a direct result of manual handling, and the best way to prevent these is by ensuring that your staff has the correct equipment on site. Some of the equipment in this article should be second nature to you; however, there may be some tools out there that make the job of handling easier instead of doing it for you like making Missouri excavators selection perfect. Read on to learn more.

Lifting Trolleys

The hardest part of lifting heavy objects is carrying them over long distances. The constant starting and stopping of this process increase your risk of injury tenfold, which is why you should look for assistance whenever possible.

A lifting trolley provides a method of shifting heavy bags, pallets, or tools across large distances at speed. These trolleys, available from a wide range of suppliers, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have a flatbed, while others are lighter with a high back. Make sure there are plenty of these trolleys to hand on a construction site to reduce the likelihood of an employee risking injury by lifting something too heavy.

Scissor Lift

While manual handling injuries are quite common in construction, the largest cause of accidents on a construction site is falling. It is always going to be necessary to climb up high during construction, and you should be trained to do so without causing injury. Unfortunately, you are going to need materials up there.

There will be times when it seems like a good idea to hoist something heavy up a ladder; however, this is extremely dangerous. Instead, you should be using a scissor lift to bring objects up to another level. Carrying heavy goods up a ladder can overbalance you, plus it is difficult for someone on the level above to receive these items carefully. Always ensure that you have access to a scissor lift if you are working across multiple levels.


Chances are that you will need an entire pallet’s worth of materials from one location to another. Doing so manually is incredibly time-consuming and dangerous if done so incorrectly. A forklift has the apparatus and strength to move entire pallets in one go so that you do not have to over-exert yourself.

The main issue that many employees face is that the forklifts are often occupied by other workers. That is why it is best to arrange a forklift schedule so that everyone gets equal use. This rota will prevent employees from trying to move things on their own out of impatience, an act that is likely to result in an injury.

Vacuum Lifters

A vacuum lifter is a piece of equipment that is used in roofing or to move heavy objects from a high place. For example, a vacuum panel lifter can use its suction mechanic to grip and carry old roofing slabs down from a height and replace them with new ones. The machinery works by connecting a vacuum pump to an air hose, giving the crane enough suction power to lift loads of up to 20,000kg.

Vacuum lifters are now a standard piece of equipment on modern construction sites, and the suction method reduces the risk of heavy goods falling in transit. Anyone curious about these machines should head to Vaculifting for more information.

Boom Lifts

A boom lift is a smaller version of a cherry-picker. Many construction employees will use a boom lift in place of a ladder when there isn’t sufficient room to place it on a flat surface. These people lifting machines allow your workers dot access higher areas safely, removing the need to balance in awkward positions or work dangerously.

The standard boom lit comes with a platform surrounded by a cage so that the person does not fall. This cage also prevents tools from falling off the platform, reducing the likelihood of injuring those below. These machines aren’t always going to be available at all times, so you may want to implement a rota-style system so that workers again do not attempt tricky jobs from a height they struggle to reach.


The use of many pieces of heavy lifting equipment on a construction site is required by law; however, you can also exercise common sense in certain situations. Safety should be your number one concern when it comes to construction, so try to make sure that you always have the correct lifting equipment available to prevent workplace injury. By reading the article above, you should now know what you need and when to use it.


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