10 Quirky Home Accessories to Trendify Your Home in 2022

July 18, 2022

When you want to make your home’s design, interior, and layout look amazing, it’s important to go with quirky choices that will fit your personality, and which will show your trend-conscious nature. In 2022, being ahead of the curve can prove difficult since we’re living in such a rapidly changing culture. However, there are a few choices that are surefire hits. To steer you in the right direction, here are ten quirky home accessories and design elements that will trendify your home in 2022:

1. Stylized Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors have been a staple of trendy homes over the last decade. If you want to go the extra mile, however, adding a mirror to your wall that has a stylized frame (especially in its shape) is a great idea. Adding a mirror with LED lights in the frame provides a fantastic option as well.

2. Antler-Crafted Chandeliers

Having a beautiful chandelier in your home’s living room or dining room is the definition of class. If you want a trendy chandelier design, however, purchasing a quality antler chandelier is essential. These works of art will add a natural look to your home while ensuring that you still embrace a sense of class that trend-setters crave.

3. Abstract Watercolor Art

Abstract art has come in and out of fashion, but it’s come back massively in 2022. Watercolor abstract art has become especially trendy, and it looks fantastic in combination with many of the other design choices on this list. If you prefer a more neutral color palette in your home, the lighter nature of watercolor art will prove incredibly attractive to you. Mixing watercolor art with beautiful house plants can be especially stunning.

4. Classy Sculptures

Nothing quite says class like a high-quality, handcrafted sculpture. Although this will potentially prove to be out of the budget range for some readers, those who can afford it should consider getting a sculpture commissioned for them that will be one-of-a-kind. Few other projects can add a sense of trendy, unique magic to a home’s interior quite like a commissioned sculpture, after all.

5. Infinity Floor Mirrors

Infinity floor mirrors are used to make the mirror seem as though it's seamlessly blending into the rest of the room. The psychedelic, trendy nature of these mirrors has made them a hot item in 2022. Not only will they make you look hip, but they can be great for checking out your daily outfit. The unique look and aesthetic they have compared to regular floor mirrors will help spice up your mornings.

6. Designer Cup Sets

Sometimes your home’s interior design and accessories have a bigger emphasis on form over function. The best accessories, however, combine both form and function in equal amounts. By investing in a designer cup set, you can drink in a way that emphasizes your love for class, trends, and design. Thankfully, designer cup sets have become incredibly popular in 2022, making them more accessible for homeowners than ever before.

7. Ottomans are In

If you like to relax to the maximum, having a quality ottoman nearby your favorite chair or couch is a great idea. Finding one that compliments your existing home interior aesthetic is essential, however. If you’re looking to free up the space of your home for more accessories and designer items, getting an ottoman where you can store less trendy objects is highly recommended.

8. Dior Dinner Plates

Dior is one of the trendiest brand names out there when it comes to fashion and style. Lately, the well-known brand has been getting into making all sorts of home accessories that their loyal fanbase can enjoy. The Dior dinner plate sets they’ve been putting out lately are especially notable, and can complement any designer cup sets that you purchase as well.

9. Versace Candle Holders

If you want a layer of style-brand class to your living room or bedroom, investing in the expensive, but simply amazing Versace candle holders that were recently released is the perfect solution. They are well-built and can be reused to your heart’s content, allowing you to emphasize your fashion-forward, trendy nature anytime that you want to enjoy a comfortable, candlelit night in.

10. Tapestries

Lastly, tapestries are revolutionizing the way people decorate their living rooms and bedrooms. A giant tapestry with a unique design can make a room pop in a way that no other accessory can manage. Find one that complements your other design choices in the room, and you can make this trendy choice feel that much more appropriate. You can even get custom-made tapestries online for an incredibly affordable price, so you can make practically any idea you can come up with work. Dorm students can even make this trendy project work!

Trendify Your Home Now

With these ten ideas, you can begin trendifying the design and accessories of your home immediately. Finding items that will fit your personality, and that will keep you fashion-forward, are key to staying true to yourself. Thankfully, the marketplace for quality, trendy home accessories, and designer elements has increased massively in the last few years.


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