10 Tips You Have to Know About Tube Bending Machine

July 18, 2022


Tube bending machine is one of the most valuable tools in several industries around the world. It is used for boilers, ships, furniture, and other steel pipe bending as it is equipped with a vast range of advantages. It is cheap and its characteristics aren’t troublesome to use, making it a user-friendly machine. Depending on the requirements, there are options such as a pneumatic tube bending machine, manual tube bending machine, and many others. When it comes to controlling mode, there are automatic, and semi-automatic tube bending machines.

Benefits of tube bending

There’s no denying the fact that tube bending has completely changed the way industries used to work in the past few centuries. Tube bending machines give you a low-cost solution for several problems. It is known for eliminating the dilemmas of welds, joints, and fixtures. One of the most prominent benefits of tube bending is that the risk of leaks becomes minimal. Not only that, but the flow restrictions are also low and it gives you a smoother and cleaner finish. The tube bender Roguefab makes sure to give you all the benefits of tube bending. Steel, stainless steel, copper, or aluminum may be used for tube bending, but to work with aluminum requires higher efficiency and this is the reason you need to hire credible aluminum pipe benders.

10 Tips for Tube Bending Machine

Here are the 10 tips you have to know about tube bending machines;

  1. Before you do any operations on the machine, you need to keep in mind that the bed structure is solid and it is stiff to deform. However, it has a touch screen with a CNC module as well, making it a facile machine to handle. If an error takes place, a message will pop-up on the screen, allowing the operator to deal with it quickly.
  2. For sheet or pipe, the tube bender is the same. Yet, the size of the relative bending radius as well as the relative thickness has a pivotal role to play in the degree of tube deformation. The quality of the pipe forming depends on the control over the degree of deformation.
  3. When it comes to tube bending machines, you can’t conduct any operation without having Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In PPE, we have safety gloves, safety goggles, and also work boots, but it is not restricted to this equipment only. To avoid any unfortunate incident, you need to put on a welder helmet as it will protect you from the projectiles coming onto the face with immense speed sometimes.
  4. Every machine has a particular manual, you just can’t ignore it. In the case of a tube bending machine, read the instructions in the manual that will give you insights into the machine’s working principles. Lack of knowledge regarding any machine can drag you into a serious injury or disaster.
  5. An experienced engineer should be responsible for training newbies into using the machine for the first time. To safely manufacture products, it is extremely important to understand the physics of tube bending machines. The cleaning and maintenance of the machine should be a top priority as any oil leaks can hamper the overall functioning of the machine. It is also important to keep the work surface clean.

  1. It is significant to keep in mind the pipe type regularization, and bending radius standardization of the machine you are using. Bending and forming speed can directly impact the quality of the product, it is suggested to use instructions. Understand the raw materials too.
  2. The display unit of the machine should be protected from sharp objects and switches should be used without any hardcore strength. If you are planning to change the power supply of the machine, you should also keep a check on motor steering.
  3. You should place the machine properly on the ground and also avoid using wire other than 4mm copper wire which is flexible too. Do not damage the machine by testing the control unit with unsuitable devices.
  4. A ventilated place should be used to place the electric box and special cleaning should be given to the slider and clamping block. The sliding parts of the machine should be regularly lubricated. The cleaning process should be done when the machine is not connected to any power source.
  5. Inspection should be done before every operation and it is suggested to warm up the machine in cold weather to attain efficient results. As it will play a vital role in enhancing the strength of the machine.



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