4 Must-Have Fixtures And Accessories To Get For Your Bathroom Remodel

July 17, 2022

Remodeling a bathroom can be exciting but stressful at the same time since you need to make sure that your bathroom design incorporates both functionality and aesthetic. However, no matter how challenging this kind of project can be, it’s a fun experience because you’ll get to transform the space into something that suits your style and meets your needs. For instance, your bathroom can resemble a spa at your favorite hotel.

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t just improve the look of your space but also makes it more energy-efficient. You can install water-saving faucets and toilets, as well as new lighting that will contribute to lower utility bills.

Aside from improved aesthetics and increased energy efficiency, a bathroom remodel promotes safety. Old bathrooms tend to have safety hazards, such as uneven floors, chipped or cracked tiles, mold and mildew, and lead paint. Renovating your bathroom is a great opportunity to fix issues and add safety features, like handheld showerheads, grab bars, and anti-slip flooring.

To build the bathroom of your dreams, look for a trusted company that offers quality fixtures and accessories and check out their site for parts you might need.

Continue reading to learn about the must-have fixtures and accessories for your bathroom remodel.

  1. Taps And Faucets

Some of the main accessories your bathroom can't do without are taps and faucets. There are various types of taps, such as deck mounted taps, pillar taps, and bath filler taps. Deck mounted taps are connected to a basin or bath through drilled holes. Pillar taps are separate taps with a valve each that can control water flow and temperature. On the other hand, bath filler taps are less traditional, supplying both hot and cold water. But they can control flow and temperature too, like pillar taps.

When choosing which tap to buy, consider several factors, such as the style. Select a style of tap that complements your bathroom design. Alternatively, you can pair the designs of the tap and faucet for a coherent look.

Other factors to think of are the water pressure and the type of tap hole. Each type of tap includes a minimum requirement for water pressure like one bar. What tap holes does your basin have? For instance, traditional basins have old-fashioned taps ideal for two holes. In contrast, modern sinks usually require a single mixer tap.

  1. Storage

Whether you’re renovating a large or small bathroom, you need to maximize space and increase storage. In fact, having the right storage will make your space more convenient and comfortable.

You can do this by having your medicine cabinets installed on walls with outlets for plugging in electrical equipment. In addition to wall storage, go vertical with over-bathroom sink shelves that you can use to store small toiletries.

You can build a customized vanity if there’s enough space. A vanity creates flow in your bathroom, making it look less crowded. You can use it to store your makeup, curling irons, hair dryer, bath towels, and toilet tissue. Add toe-kick drawers at the bottom of your vanity, so there will be more surface area. .

  1. Mirror

A mirror can serve as both an essential feature and a focal point in your bathroom regardless of the space’s style and size.

To find the right mirror, consider its proportion. A mirror’s size should be relative to that of your vanity. So, the mirror should be as wide as your vanity for a balanced look. But if you can’t find a mirror that has the same width as the vanity’s, you can get a customized one. Or you can buy a mirror that’s about 70 to 80% as wide as the vanity, so the mirror seems a little smaller.

If you have multiple sinks, put up multiple mirrors or one mirror that’s big enough for both. Even having a couple of mirrors would go well with one sink—one mirror above the sink and the other aligned with the first. It’s another smart approach to create a balanced look.

  1. Lighting

When planning your bathroom lighting, you need to check the natural lighting available in your space. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, you’ll need a brighter overhead light. But if it’s well-lit during the day, you can just opt for task and accent lighting. Designed to help you perform a task, task lighting, such as sconces, is usually installed around your vanity. You can include it in the shower for tasks like conditioning and shaving.

On the other hand, accent lighting is for setting a mood or emphasizing a specific corner or architectural feature in your bathroom, such as a built-in cabinet or an archway. You can use a sconce or downlighting to exude a vibe or highlight unique details of your bathroom like a corner with a floor-to-ceiling tile.

If you want your bathroom lighting to serve as a focal point, you can install a pendant or a chandelier. An overhead pendant in the middle will brighten your powder room while a modern chandelier will make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Bottom Line

Part of what makes a bathroom remodel fun and memorable is designing your dream space. Once you’ve decided on a design that you like, you can shop around for fixtures and accessories that fit your style.

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