5 Important Tasks of Plumbers

July 12, 2022

No one wants to go to the bathroom and discover a puddle of water on the floor because of a leaking pipe. If that were to happen, your first reaction would be to call a plumber. And if you live in Scarborough, Toronto, that is no problem. From commercial establishments to residential areas, plumbers ensure that everyone has a working drainage system.

Plumbers are the specialists when it comes to the water system in your household. And below are five important tasks they can only do.

Drain Cleaning

Sinks and toilets can sometimes clog up. And things can only get worse if you don’t repair them immediately, like an overflow of water, which can damage your floor and furniture.

To repair a clogged sink, you first need to determine where the blockage is before proceeding. There can be different materials clogging up your pipes. So you’d want the proper solution to unclog them. Fortunately, plumbers can do camera inspection services to determine what’s clogging up your pipes. Once they find out, they’ll proceed with the suitable action to unclog your pipes.

Garbage Disposal

Proper waste disposal is essential for every establishment. And governments are very strict on these since it can lead to environmental problems if everyone throws away their waste anywhere.

Because of modern technology, there are now powered garbage waste disposal attached to sinks, letting you gather your waste products in your sink and shred them into small pieces so they can run smoothly in your pipes.

But it’s not a perfect system, and you might have problems in the future. Lucky for you, plumbers know how to fix and maintain your garbage disposal system. They ensure it is properly working so you won’t have any waste products in your household.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line damage can be one of the worst things you can experience in your home. It can emit a foul smell, which can keep you up at night and be dangerous to your health, making your life a nightmare.

If you think there is sewer line damage on your property, call your plumber quickly so they can inspect it. You’ll want to get your sewer line damage repaired as fast as possible. The foundation in your home can weaken because of it, which can lead to problems in the future.

So if you smell something wrong in your house and suspect it to be your sewer line, get in touch with a plumber quickly.

Jet Vacuum Sewer Line Services

Back in the day, people had to dig a hole in the ground and locate what pipes needed fixing or replacing if there was a clogged pipeline. As you can imagine, this method is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. You’ll also end up damaging the surrounding area.

But because of modern innovation, plumbers can now clean sewer pipelines in a more relatively cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way through jet vacuuming. Instead of digging, high-powered jets are sent through the lines to clean it, which is a non-invasive way of cleaning your sewer line.

Sump Pump Installation

Natural disasters like floods are hard to avoid. But there is a way to ensure that no lasting damage can happen to your house. Plumbers can install a sump pump in your basement or the lower point of your house to take out the excess water. It’s also helpful in case a pipe bursts in your home.


Quality plumbing services like the ones provided by the plumbers in Scarborough are essential for every household. And the five tasks above are just some of what plumbers can do. So it’s important you respect and appreciate such an occupation. Without plumbers, the modern world would be a disaster.


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