5 Things To Consider When Building A New Home From Scratch

July 25, 2022

Have you been planning to build a new home from scratch? It can be the most exciting but challenging thing you can do. When you’re unprepared, you may encounter problems along the way.

So, how do you start? You can minimize such by setting the proper foundation, which means knowing what you should do before home construction begins.

Here are some things you have to consider to ensure a smooth construction process.

1. Program Of The House

The house program is what architects use to identify the requirements and rooms of the property. You may not complete this on the first day, but you can take things step by step. You can work to finite details after starting with the big stuff. Or pop over here to check and work with custom home builders who can assist you with your preferences.

Start listing the rooms you need and wish your home could have, such as the following:

  • Exterior Spaces

You may want to include a swimming pool, driveway, vegetable garden, shed, greenhouse, barbecue area, enclosed porch, porch, patio, roof deck, terraces, balconies, and others.

  • Garage

The size may depend on the number of cars you have while considering whether to include it as part of the house or separate from it.

  • Special Rooms

Include one that you may need that’s not included in a house’s traditional setup of rooms.

  • Work Space

You may also want a homework room for the kids, music room, library, workshop, and home office.

  • Storage And Utility Rooms

Consider if you want a cellar, attic, storage spaces, equipment room, mud room, and laundry room.

  • Living Rooms

Consider having multiple living rooms or living rooms to work.

  • Kitchen

Know whether you want a closed or open kitchen, size, and other inclusions.

  • Bathrooms

Include the sink, toilet, lavatories, showers, bathtubs, and where they should be located.

  • Bedrooms

You should also consider if the bedrooms will have walk-in closets, bathrooms, and a master suite. You should also list down how many bedrooms.

2. Create A Realistic Budget

You should also consider your budget when planning for your home construction because this will be the basis for some considerations for your house. Think about gas meters, electric meters, and other utility connections when listing possible costs. Also include household construction materials like noggins, trusses, and others.

When budgeting, you should also consider having a cost overrun protection account or fund. It’s best to save for an emergency that ranges from 15-25% of your household’s cost. You can use this when you meet unexpected expenses throughout the construction process.

3. Deep Pour Basement

Building a new home has its advantages, such as including features that can significantly impact the overall structure of your property. For instance, you can have a deep pour foundation with an extra whether you choose to have a basement finished or not. Doing this can make the space more inviting and open. However, you should inform your builder about this from day one, so they can arrange this feature in the plan.

4. List The Right Materials

Suitable materials are essential because you want a well-designed, sturdy, and long-lasting property. That’s why you need to have a list of suitable materials so that you can add them to the design. When choosing, you may have to choose the expensive materials or go for wood to accentuate the home, concrete, and ceramics. Or you can save construction time and money by using prefabricated elements on most of the structure.

You may also want to choose environmentally efficient materials to achieve optimal energy efficiency in your home. You can save some money in the long run since the materials can cool and heat your home using less energy, resulting in cheaper utility bills. These materials include polyurethane foam, foamed polystyrene, and mineral wool which are suitable for insulation. Using these materials can also be ideal for insulating the sound from your home, making noises from going into your house. In addition, this can make every room peaceful and quiet, too.

5. Include Smart Home Technology

When choosing appliances for your home, it’d be better to use smart home technology. This allows you to connect the appliances with your devices for more convenience. For instance, you can control it and receive alerts from your smart refrigerator when running low on your stocks. Or, when you’re out of your home, you can turn off your smart heater or air conditioning system in case you forgot to turn them off manually.


Building a new home from scratch isn’t only about finding the right location and offer. It also involves planning the program of the house, materials, budget, and others, and having such will serve as your guide, preventing changes that could cost much along the way.


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