5 Tips For Choosing The Right Lifting Chains

July 13, 2022

Most commercial and industrial sites require the movement of large and heavy objects. However, moving these items isn't simple because the process can be dangerous. As a result, you'll require robust, high-quality lifting products to help you lift or move heavy items efficiently.

Having quality lifting products is vital in ensuring the safety of all employees. And the suitable lifting chain is one of the vital lifting products needed in moving items, whether in mining, engineering, construction, transport, or agricultural sectors.

Lifting chains are charged with the safety of the suspended item, mainly when heavy equipment is required to be moved or brought to the site. So, to ensure the safety of employees, you'll need to choose suitable lifting chains.

However, to choose the proper lifting chain, you must understand everything it entails. As a result, this article offers different tips to consider before choosing the proper lifting chain.

1. Understand The Contrasting Chain Grades

Before choosing the suitable lifting chain, you must understand that not every type of chain is suitable for lifting heavy items. The safety concerns and regulations have made it possible to know all the differences between the grades of the chain.

With the differences in mind, you can know whether the lifting chains are safe and suitable for lifting heavy items. Some of the different chain grades that are present in Stenhouse lifting chains include;

Grade 100- This chain grade is typically made with alloy and contains a sling component that can be used for overhead lifting. Additionally, you can use it to secure load rigging and tie-down different applications.

Grade 80- Like the grade 100 lifting chain, grade eighty chains can be used as a sling component for overhead lifting, load securement, and rigging. It's also an alloy but isn't as strong as the grade hundred lifting chains.

These two chain grades are the main ones used in all sectors regarding overhead hauling. As a result, consider your budget and needs before settling for a lifting chain.

2. Acknowledge The Intended Application

Before settling on the right one, you need to know what purpose the lifting chains are intended for. To start, keep in mind that the weight of the load doesn't have to match the chain's working load limit.

However, the lifting chain must handle stress when moving items over different surfaces. The chain should also be able to support the weight of the load together with the forces imposed against it.

Additionally, you should also consider the shape of the load and the length between the link and hook. The intended application also considers the load points' angles and the leg and sling assembly size.

3. Ask For A Testing Certification

Before settling for the appropriate lifting chains, you need to ensure they are made of quality alloy steel parts. As a result, ask the manufacturers for proof of testing that provides they are suitable for lifting.

Additionally, you'll need to ensure that the chain slings have been properly inspected. And after the inspection, ask for a corresponding tag as a guarantee.

4. Go For High-Quality Equipment

High-quality equipment tends to last longer and work efficiently, you can check hoisting equipment specialists. And since the intended purpose of lifting chains is to move heavy items from one place to the other, you should get high-quality lifting chains.

For that reason, when choosing lifting chains, get those made of alloy steel and crafted to satisfy all your requirements. So, to get long-lasting products, check where they are stored.

And if the chains had been kept for a long time, the store should have lightly oiled them to avoid rusting. Before final payment, inspect the chain for any wear or damage. The chain should also be free of twists for it to last a long time.

5. Consider The Diverse Components

Lifting chains have components that help them to function fully. Therefore, you'll need to consider components compatible with the chain you need. You'll also need to consider how you will use the chain before settling on the right components.

An additional factor to consider when choosing components is whether you want to limit issues such as twists and bends. And as for safety, you'll need to find components that can boost security during the lifting process.

Bottom Line

Lifting chains are vital when moving heavy loads from one place to another. Consequently, choosing the suitable lifting chain is essential in ensuring the safety of all employees handling it. So, if it's your first time choosing lifting chains, consider researching everything it entails.

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