6 Coworking Design Ideas To Inspire Your Space

July 25, 2022

Coworking spaces are believed to be becoming more popular by the day. This is likely spurred by most people from working in typical offices to coworking spaces. This is great news for you as a company. However, for your space to attract more tenants, it must accommodate different workers.

For example, some people prefer working in exclusion while others are in an open space with more people. With that in mind, your space must be designed to fit their requirements. Additionally, a coworking space should spark excitement, productivity, and seriousness.

On the other hand, some individuals love coworking stations with modern kitchens so that they can prepare coffee or warm their packed lunch. Luckily, leading coworking renting companies like Workspace365 provides spacious working spaces with modern amenities for the satisfaction of their clients.

If you're designing a coworking space, here are some inspirational ideas to make it fit different individuals and be productive.

1. Incorporate Space For Fun And Innovation

As the saying goes, work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Continuous work without play is less likely to spark creativity. That said, adding fun space to your coworking design is essential to keep the users active.

What makes a coworking space a better place is that you can be creative and incorporate several features that can be difficult to add to a typical office. For instance, you can opt to include a small putting green surrounded by small seats or a conference room to enhance creativity and creativity while welcoming fun in a workstation.

2. Use Bright Colors

When designing a coworking space, it's essential to ensure the space sparks creativity and excitement. At this point, the colors in the coworking space matter a lot. Colors are believed to have physiological and psychological effects on humans. And it won't be a bad idea for the workers in your coworking space to benefit from these benefits.

For example, a coworking space decorated in blue enhances communication and focus. Red generates excitement, while yellow increases creativity and positivity. While you might not want to paint a coworking space with such bright colors, you can add furniture or other decorations that are bright in color to liven up the space.

3. Employ Freestanding Cubicles

Freestanding cubicles can be erected where needed and be assembled and reassembled accordingly. They can be erected to create ample working space for collaboration or tiny spaces for individuals. To enhance the appearance, you can opt to use glass to ensure individuals working within have a clear view of what's happening outside.

Besides providing an ample working space free from disturbance, freestanding cubicles are ideal for social distancing, reducing the chances of spreading disease-causing viruses.

4. Install A Collaboration Space

A coworking space comprises multiple individuals with different working needs. While some prefer working individually in cubicles where there's no or minimal noise, others prefer working in groups. Either way, your coworking space should be able to satisfy each worker's requirements to enhance productivity and creativity.

As far as working in collaboration is concerned, setting up an open area is the most significant way of meeting the needs of those who prefer working as groups. Ensure the open area is equipped with comfortable seats and tables and has enough windows or ventilation to better airflow.

Additionally, you might need to add some green plants to help workers connect with nature and feel lively in your designated collaboration spot. The space should be installed with seats that promote social distance depending on the size of the room too.

5. Implement Flexible Seating Options

Since not everyone works to their fullest when working from an office chair and desk, it's vital to have flexible seating options. Some people prefer working while standing at a particular period and seated at another. That said, flexible seating options will be convenient for such individuals since their needs are well met.

6. Provide Magnificent Views

When designing a coworking or shared workplace space, it's vital to think of a way to provide workers with magnificent views.

Sometimes, work tends to be so tedious that one wishes to distract their mind even a little bit. In such a case, connecting with the outside world can be beneficial for an individual before returning to work. That said, your space should have large windows to enable individuals inside to connect with the outside world.

Besides benefiting from incredible views, enough natural light brightens up the space with the use of large windows – reducing the lighting and heating expenses of your building.


Many things can be done in a coworking space to enhance its appearance and increase creativity and productivity. Gone are the days when working spaces required only seats and tables, and the space qualifies to be addressed as a working space.

Currently, tenants are looking for a 'cool' coworking space where they can work, play, relax, and collaborate. If your coworking space doesn't encourage such activities, you might spend a lot of time looking for tenants without succeeding.



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