6 Gadgets You Will Find In Every Celebrity Home

July 7, 2022

Home gadgets and appliances are an absolute necessity for a hassle-free routine life. Be it the general society or a celebrity home, technology has influenced us all. Such utilities are a welcome boon to put down the hustles of a busy and clock-constrained life. Bringing your life at ease, these appliances work to lessen your effort and save your time and energy. The following article discusses some of the best gadgets that have also earned great love from global celebs.

Top 6 Gadgets in Every Celebrity Home

Planar 1 Plus Turntable

Topping the list, this gadget is a must-have utility for music lovers. If you look forward to lounging back in the golden era of music through those cherished vinyl records, this device can be your best friend. Adorning the living room of actress Bea Alonzo, the gadget serves the best use for her when entertaining her guests.

The gadget comes to you in a stylish look with its stiffer headshell and classy design. The zero-play bespoke bearings and ultra-low friction features are here to render you with the most immersive audio experience ever.

A Streaming Device

Nowadays, no one uses traditional cable TV anymore. Celebrities live a busy life and therefore, they don’t have enough time to watch movies or TV shows when they air on TV. Here is where streaming devices come in and provide an alternative solution.

With streaming, they can watch their favorite shows or sports at any time they want. What’s great about watching content online is the fact that there are lots of premium streaming devices. They all offer access to a wide range of conent and are considered a “must-have” in a celebrity home.

Desert Mist Diffuser

This oil diffusing gadget is a treat for the aromaphiles, who love to relax and unwind in a freshly scented living space. Ahead of this, the utility also works to adjust the lighting of your resting space with its 11 types of light settings.

There is an additional light cycle mode, which you can use to put forward a gradual transition of the lighting shades from one color to the other. The gadget is designed in the Moroccan style and sparks up the living space of actress Kim Chou, as a gift from another celebrity friend.


If you are a look-conscious personality and searching for the perfect utility to keep your bunch of cosmetic products safe, this gadget is your best bet. To increase their shelf-life, you can leave all your moisturizers, serums, and clay masks with this gadget.

The product is ready to be a part of your home in peach marble and aqua shades. This beauty refrigerator is an important element of Vern Enciso’s regular utility closet. You can get these to avoid the inconveniences of untimely wearing out of your favorite cosmetic collection, with or without significant usage.

Smart Mirror

This gadget is again, Vern Enciso’s favorite utility that adorns her vanity. The round-shaped mirror is smart enough to sync well with your smart and high-tech home utilities. You can work with this multi-purpose device to play your favorite videos and listen to Spotify's most cherished music tracks.

And that's not all! The three vanity light arrangements help you with putting on your best look every day, filling you with confidence and grace. What else can you ask for! Looking for some cool smart mirror design ideas? Check them out here!

Master Drive Plus Massage Chair

Last but not least, this gadget is a must-have home utility for health and fitness-conscious people. Adorning the master bedroom of celebrities Slater Young and Kryz Uy, this one is the duo’s most loved asset. The gadget works best to give you a relaxing massage from the head to the toes.

This artificially intelligent massage chair is smart enough to automatically measure and adjust your physique and height. The extreme comfort rendered by the chair is just incomparable. Try it yourself for a truly relaxing experience.

Smart gadgets have become an inseparable part of our packed-up routine schedules in today’s busy lifestyles. Having them home is synonymous with a blissful and eased-out day. Have a look at some of these utilities that adorn celebrity homes.


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