6 Ways To Improve Your Pool Area

July 4, 2022

Having a pool at home doesn’t mean that your fun with it is limited only to swimming. In fact, it can serve as a perfect addition to your beautiful backyard. With the right design elements, your swimming pool can be a welcome retreat. It could also be a refreshing place where you can spend your time during the summer, on your own, with friends, or with the whole family.

Now you can bid that plain backyard good riddance and have one that’s more homey, cozy, comfortable, and inviting, to say the least. Get hold of your trusted masonry repair Long Island company to help you with whatever work you think needs to be done in your swimming pool after reading through this.

To get started, the following ideas can help you level up your pool area, so you can instantly transform it into your very own oasis.

1. Add String Lights Near The Pool

Do you have a sitting area near your pool? Hanging a few string lights can be one of the best yet cost-effective ways to liven up your pool area, especially at night. Choose warm, yellow lights for maximum impact.

When string lights are used near the pool, they can actually give your swimming pool an extremely ambient feel to it. The reflections cast by the lights on the water can transform your space into a resort-like one.

2. Build A Cabana Or Pool House

Having a swimming pool at home also means you’re going to have more items to store now. These include pool toys, inflatables, and swimming gear, to name a few. You can keep those items out of sight when not in use by housing them in a storage room in your pool house.

You can also have a patio or cabana for those days when you’re going to be entertaining visitors. This can be an open but roofed structure to house dining seats and outdoor couches. And if you like to keep it cool, you can enclose the space in glass to install an air-conditioning system. Now, you can have more use out of your pool as some family members can relax and talk in the cabana, while the little ones are swimming, for example.

Building a cabana can also be a good way to maximize space in what would’ve otherwise been a very plain and empty plot of garden space near your pool area. And to add charm to your pool area, you can elevate this structure and decorate the steps with masonry.

 Long Island Masonry

3. Landscape With Lots Of Plants

Adding greenery to your pool area is also a no-fail. Although, a tip to keep in mind is to not limit yourself to only having grass in the whole space. Add a balance of plants of different sizes and colors, so there’s more depth and dimensions to your garden. After all, plants can make a pool area (and the entire garden, at that) look a thousand times better. A bonus benefit also is that it can make the space feel a lot cooler, especially on those days when the summer weather can be too unbearable.

You can also hire a landscaper to help you with this, so you can achieve your vision for your backyard and get your desired results.

4. Install A Water Feature

The swimming pool is already a nice water feature per se. But to make it look and feel cozier and refreshing, you can place an additional water feature. A wall waterfall, for instance. There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of moving water set against a backdrop of perfectly-landscaped lawn and a pristine swimming pool.

5. Add A Fireplace

A fireplace in your cabana or a bonfire pit can also be a fantastic addition to add extra warmth to your outdoor space at night. It's as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful; the family can gather around the pool or your garden even during the colder nights.

If you have young children with you at home, this is also a perfect opportunity for some smores and a barbeque. Now, you can enjoy more time in your backyard than simply swimming.

6. Ensure Some Privacy With Taller Plants

This sixth tip applies only if you have a next-door neighbor and your property is separated only by a short fence. It'd be so uncomfortable to be in your swimming pool and then worry about whether or not your neighbors can see you.

To give you that added peace of mind, why not line your fence with taller plants like shrubs and trees? Not only will you have more privacy to enjoy your pool, but those plants also serve as another beautifying agent for your pool area.


In closing, keep in mind that the ideas above are merely that: ideas. They're not meant to be strict rules for you to adhere to. It’s only a guide to stir up inspiration as you try and improve your pool area. Ultimately, this is another decision for you to make based on your style preference, budget, your home’s design, and the overall look you’re going for.

Lastly, there are expert contractors for every type of project you may want to do in your pool area. Leave it to them to do an excellent job, so what you have is a beautiful, serene, and relaxing pool area.

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