7 Modern Wardrobe Designs to Liven Up Your Space

July 22, 2022

During a house renovation, the bedroom and living room are the first rooms that should be updated. Most of you don't consider how you will decorate your bedroom. Did you know that the proper placement of a cupboard can make or break the room's overall feel and appearance?

Take note that the overall design of your room will be significantly influenced by any changes you make in the area. When it comes to fitted wardrobes, they come in various sizes and styles to suit different budgets and needs.

It is possible for a wardrobe design to either detract or enhance the overall aesthetics of your room. A well-organized closet can accommodate all of your possessions. The following are some prominent examples of unique wardrobe designs to liven up your space.

1. Free-Standing Wardrobes

A free-standing wardrobe is excellent for those who don't like the thought of having a large closet in their house. Even yet, many free-standing closets provide a lot of space within and on top. Keeping your items and shopping bags in this closet is much simpler, especially if you have a high ceiling.

2. Walk-In Wardrobe Design

If you don't have any limits on space or budget, a walk-in closet may take your wardrobe design to the next level of grandeur. There are many ways to change the look of this wardrobe, making it versatile. As a consequence, your closet will be a much more orderly place.

Without digging around for anything, your closet may be much more organized than anticipated. You could get ready for a night out considerably more swiftly and effortlessly if you had whatever you needed.

3. Sliding Wardrobe

This wardrobe design is standard in most high-end luxury houses. As the name implies, the sliding wardrobe's doors slide side to side on metal rails for easy access. Because it does not obstruct the room flow, this sliding wardrobe is great for apartments with limited square footage.

4. Hinged Door Wardrobe

A hinged door wardrobe is the most common closet design, and many people have used it for decades. This is also an excellent way to keep your daily necessities organized.


A hinged door wardrobe has a lot of storage space, including exterior and internal drawers and hooks for hanging clothes. Wide-open shutters are a standard design feature, allowing a clear view of the whole closet.

5. Designer Wardrobes

Designer fitted wardrobes London can give your bedroom a fresh new style. A wide variety of hues makes it simple to match them to your homes aesthetic. This wardrobe design will give your room a great modern appeal with soft door panels, smooth doors, and eye-catching patterns.

6. Single Door Modern Wardrobes

A single-door modern wardrobe features a door and a cabinet. They are designed for small spaces, where a double-sided wardrobe would be a blot on the landscape. This wardrobe design is available in various colours and styles. This means that you can easily match it with your home decoration.

7. Wardrobes with TV Panel

This wardrobe design includes a TV panel in the middle and sliding doors on both sides. This is a good wardrobe design with many storage options to keep your accessories and shoes.

This might be a suitable furniture item to add to your bedroom for a more contemporary and cleaner effect. When you need anything from your closet, all you have to do is slide the doors open.

Final Thoughts

Those are the seven most popular wardrobe design ideas that suit a wide range of interior designs. It is up to you which wardrobe design suits your budget and home decorations.


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