7 Ways to Make Your Property Safe and Secure

July 4, 2022

Keeping your property secure and safe for inhabitants can reduce the risk of accidents and also deter anyone from trying to gain unauthorised access to your home or commercial building. Whether you’re worried about burglars or concerned about slips, trips, and falls, increasing the safety and security of a property can give you peace of mind. To get started, take a look at these seven ways to make your property safe and secure now:

1. Install Visible Alarms

An alarm system will alert you to any potential intruders straight away, but they also have a notable deterrent effect. When a trespasser can see that your property is alarmed, they’re less likely to target your property as they know they will be caught immediately. With plenty of alarm systems to choose from, you don’t need to blow your budget to add this type of technology to your property. From video-based systems to wireless and monitored systems, you can integrate an alarm into your existing setup to maximise security instantly.

2. Switch to Fire Doors

Doors play a significant role in keeping a property secure, but this isn’t the only benefit they can offer. When you have fire doors installed, you can reduce the risk of fire spreading through the property and make it easier for anyone inside to get out safely. With fire doors London from LFS Fire Solutions & Maintenance, for example, you can have bespoke doors manufactured, tested, and certified to ensure optimal performance. What’s more – ‘Secure by Design’ multipoint locks can be integrated into LFS fire doors to increase security and prevent unauthorised access to your property.

3. Add Exterior Lighting

If your property isn’t well-lit, don’t be surprised when you sustain injuries from slip, trip and fall accidents. Sloping gardens and driveways or those featuring outdoor steps can be particularly problematic, so be sure to install good exterior lighting covering these areas. While you can have outdoor lights professionally wired in by a certified electrician, you don’t have to commission an entire project if you don’t want to. Instead, you can use battery-powered lights for a more straightforward installation and affix them using screws or glue. Motion-sensor lights will also alert you to any activity on the grounds of your property, which will help to deter anyone from skulking around.

4. Improve Garage Security

A garage can be a great place to store vehicles, bikes, and garden equipment but it’s vital to make sure your garage has appropriate security features in place. Depending on how you use this space, you could be storing tens of thousands of pounds worth of valuables in your garage – with relatively little security. For automated enhancements, use a smart garage lock to gain entry to your garage via a remote or an app on your phone. Additionally, include your garage in your property alarm system and have a CCTV camera trained on the area to catch anyone who tries to gain entry.

5. Check Your Router

Most property owners don’t think about online security when they’re assessing their property for potential vulnerabilities, but a router can be an easy way for someone to gain access to your financial information. An unsecured network or a default password makes it super-easy for hackers to infiltrate your network and capture data. Furthermore, if someone does gain access to your network, they could potentially view any footage that you’re recording on internal or external CCTV cameras. Due to this, it's essential to optimise your online security and safeguard your network.

6. Strengthen Boundaries with Fencing and Gates

If you want to make your property more secure, choose fencing and gates that are more than purely decorative. With automated or remote-controlled gates, for example, you’ll have greater control over who can access your land. As well as making your property more secure and safer, you might find that these measures help to reduce the cost of your home insurance policy too, so there are plenty of benefits to be had.

7. Conduct Regular Risk Assessments

Installing security features will instantly make your property safer but don’t assume that it’s a one-off activity. Regular risk assessments will allow you to identify potential safety or security hazards and give you the opportunity to implement effective solutions before something goes wrong. Hazards can change all the time, so don’t be complacent when it comes to making sure your home or commercial building is kept safe and secure.

How Safe Is Your Property?

Most people assume that their property is where they’re safest, but you might be surprised to learn just how dangerous the average home is. By taking a proactive approach to safety and maximising security, however, you can reduce your risk of getting hurt and create a safe environment for residents, workers or guests.



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