A Quick Guide To Different Types Of Wall Finishes

July 17, 2022

Wall finishes enhance the home interior and exterior aesthetically. In addition, they improve the walls’ resistance to weather elements, fire, and rust. They even make the walls more durable and extend their life span. As a result, the walls are in their best shape for a prolonged time, avoiding unnecessary expenses. Because of these benefits, applying wall finishes has become a necessity for most homes and establishments.

Suppose you’re planning to apply a wall finish anytime soon. In that case, you may need to know the various options available in the market. Here’s a quick guide to the different wall finishes for that purpose.

  1. Cement

Cement is one of the common materials in wall finishing. Typically, it’s a mixture of different proportions of cement, sand, and water. If a contractor uses fine sand, the cement-to-sand ratio would be 1:6. If he uses coarse sand, the balance would be 1:5. For more tips about this material and rendering, you may check ROCKCOTE and similar websites.

Generally, cement finish has two types—plastered and textured. A cement plastered finish is applied to walls if one desires a smooth or sandpaper-like finish. Meanwhile, a cement textured finish provides a more decorative finish, applied using a trowel, and often painted.

  1. Plaster Of Paris

Plaster of Paris is a light yet durable material. It has better resistance to fire and is an excellent insulating material. It also has low thermal conductivity. Many workers prefer this because of its easy application and quick drying. Moreover, it offers a unique coating and better suits walls of different types.

  1. Cladding

This finish uses any tile, such as marble, granite, and glazed types. Tiles are an ideal choice for areas with high moisture and bacteria because of their durability, ease of cleanliness, and dust resistance. Apart from this, the variety of tiles provides several options for a more elegant look.

  1. Pebbles

This material may require a more thorough application due to the pebble’s size but is highly applicable to interior and exterior walls. Pebble wall finishes are also known for their wide coverage, durability, and aesthetic texture. Likewise, they are excellent against harsh weather elements.

  1. Faux

Faux finish generally lasts longer than its alternatives. Many homeowners choose this if they prefer a less costly yet top-notch material as it is good at concealing the blemishes in the walls, such as cracks and chips.

Applying faux finish may also require using a patching compound in many cases. If you’d like to maintain faux-finished walls, you must do it regularly by using a brush with soft bristles. You may also avoid using abrasive cleaners that may scrape the faux finish.

  1. Stained Glass

Stained glass is a brilliant creative option for decorating walls. It doesn’t only provide a unique wall finish but also brightens the home interior. Stained glass can increase one’s property value as it typically requires skilled and often expensive labor. Additionally, it gives better privacy and unique appeal.

Before installing stained glass on your walls, you must decide on an overall design first. This could be the central color, shape, or combination. In installing them, you may use top-of-the-line glue or a hook for their placement.

  1. Gypsum

Gypsum could be the best option if a homeowner is after a smooth finish and plan to apply paint eventually. This finish is easy to use and requires fewer manual skills; many DIY-ers prefer it over the other finishes because it has a quick drying time.

Gypsum is also recyclable and durable for a long time. It also has a more refined appearance when applied. If you want to keep the moisture out of your gypsum-finished walls, you may need to add emulsion or asphalt to the material.

  1. Wood Panel

Wood paneling refers to the application of wood trims over preexisting walls. This finish is often easy to install, fix, and maintain. It also comes in various colors and cuts, providing many options. Furthermore, it’s environmentally friendly and hides most issues, such as wood rot and deformation.

What makes wood paneling a better alternative is that you can use it on unfinished walls. You may choose between using liquid nails or construction adhesive when installing the wood panels. However, ensure you only use nails on studs and baseboards.

  1. Laminate

The laminate finish is similar to the wood panel as both are from timber, but the former is considered technologically advanced and machine-processed. In most cases, laminates are thin sheets of wood veneer. They’re cheap and easy to install, and they require low maintenance.

Wrapping Up

Suppose you’re choosing the best wall finish for your walls. In that case, you may need to refer to this article to be enlightened about the different options. With these insights, you can identify which could provide the durability and elegance you deserve.

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