Best Retirement Communities: North Brisbane Edition

July 19, 2022

When looking at retirement villages Brisbane for sale, it is crucial to consider your preferred lifestyle. Are you in search of a lifestyle with plenty of social activities? Or do you like a calm and more relaxed environment where you can unwind and enjoy quiet time?

Many people consider moving into Brisbane retirement villages after retiring as these communities offer many benefits, including quality of living and affordability; that is why early search for a retirement village is always encouraged.

We will dive deeper into some facets of retirement communities North Brisbane offers so that you can know more and, hopefully, make a good decision on where you will spend your twilight years.

What is a Retirement Community?

A retirement community is a housing community that provides its residents with several opportunities for independent living and a comprehensive selection of services, activities, and amenities.

Since this type of community is designed for individuals beyond the age of 55, they require their prospective residents to be at least 60 years old.

Living in a retirement community means having your residence but having access to shared spaces and facilities such as tennis courts, clubhouses, fitness centers, etc. In some retirement communities, on-site services like medical care, dining, and transportation are also being offered.

Retirement Communities in North Brisbane

Retirement communities North Brisbane offers are among the most popular retirement villages worldwide. The lifestyle in a retirement living North Brisbane varies depending on the lifestyle their residents prefer.

They offer a more relaxed environment if you want a light and relaxing lifestyle. However, if you are searching for a busy and active lifestyle, they would be more than happy to provide you with plenty of residential homes with lots of social areas and clubs!

The northern part of these communities is divided into five areas: the retirement villages inner Brisbane, Moreton Bay Islands, Northern Brisbane, North-East Brisbane, North-West Brisbane, and Outer North Brisbane.

Inner Northern Part

Most prestigious buildings and high-priced housing are located in the inner northern part of this community. They are also well-known for top-quality restaurants present just around its corners.

North-west Part

On the other side, the northwest region is well known for the recently constructed housing estates that are located on the western edge of the region. It is also one of the areas in Brisbane that has been around the longest and has the most remarkable history.

Northern-east Part

The northern-east is also another part of Brisbane that is famous for its new housing estates and its direct connection to subways and other transportation services going to the city's center.

Six major shopping centers are also placed in this area, including the Christie’s Homemaker Center and Westfield Chermside, making this lot an ideal space for people who are fond of fashion!

Northern Part

Brisbane’s Northern part is where affordable housing is situated. This area offers housing prices in the low-mid range that is popular with families and professionals.

Essential Features of Retirement Communities in North Brisbane

We need to consider some features if you are looking at Brisbane retirement village. Below is the list of things you must think about before buying one.


One of the factors that you must consider is the location. Do you want to be close with your family or friends? Or do you want to live in a remote area where you can enjoy your time peacefully? You should also consider its proximity to facilities and other amenities.


Retirement communities North Brisbane offers housing that comes in all shapes and sizes, which can also affect its pricing; that’s why you should also consider your needs when choosing the size of your retirement house.

Services and Amenities

As aforementioned, some retirement communities offer various services and amenities. You should ensure that you are looking for a retirement community that caters to your needs.


Retirement community activities are also part of this as they can affect your living for a long time. It will have an impact, especially if you are an active person. Before deciding, make sure that you consider your interests!


Living in a retirement community can be costly as they provide a wide range of living options, services, and good facilities to every resident; that’s why you need to consider your budget when choosing a community.

Your chosen community should be suitable for your situation to avoid financial problems in the future.

Choosing Your Retirement Community

Now that you understand what to look for in a retirement community, let us analyze the retirement communities located near a city in this region.

Aveo Albany Creek

The area around Explorer Drive in Albany Creek's neighborhood is home to one of the best retirement communities available today, and it's where you'll find it.

It has a diverse selection of retail malls in addition to other onsite facilities, which means that residents will have many choices regarding how they wish to spend their life.

Aveo Aspley Court Retirement Village

This village is situated opposite the Aspley Hypermarket. It is considered one of the excellent retirement villages for its convenience, comfort, and companionship. Residents in this friendly and cozy community will enjoy their life to the fullest.

Alondra Residences

This fantastic and award-winning retirement village is placed 8 km from the Brisbane CBD. With local dining, retail, and amenities just around the corner, residents were given only the best to ensure that every day would suit them.

Exploring Alondra

If you are searching for an excellent inner-city retirement village, look no further as Alondra Residences already got your back! Located in a private area, Alondra is a retirement village that caters to the needs of its residents while letting them experience the best in life.

Alondra is supported by Lutheran Services, a nonprofit organization that has been serving the Nundah community for a long time. It was created with the help of some fantastic retiree design consultants and designed by award-winning architects.

This property is located at the end of a street that leads to the cosmopolitan village of Nundah. It is simple to move about since you only need to go a short distance to access local bus lines, and the Nundah Train Station can transport you to locations such as the Shaw Park Tennis Center and the Nundah Village.

When it comes to services, Alondra will not let you down. Services like housekeeping, laundry services, meal deliveries, and apartment management were all present in this residence to satisfy the needs of its people.

Moreover, supported living is provided in this residence as access to home care, medical services such as an emergency call system for registered nurses, and transportation are available for all its residents.


Looking for the best retirement homes and communities can be tedious, but at the end of the day, it is up to you how you want to live in any society. You should choose what best suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Alondra is a great residential community that offers top-notch service and a sense of belongingness. Should you be interested to know more about Alondra, send us a message now!

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