Best Spots to Hang the Pendant Light Fixtures

July 1, 2022

Pendant fixtures have gained a lot of popularity as a lighting option for a variety of settings. It can be quite beneficial to be aware of a few fundamental principles, not only when choosing pendant light fixtures for a particular site but also when determining how high they should be strung. Here are some excellent applications for them as well as some pointers to get you going.

Over a Table

A pendant should be hung between 70 and 80 centimeters above a table, although depending on the size of the fixture, the ceiling height, and personal preference, the fixture may be hung a little higher or lower.

Choose hanging high quality light fixtures from Astro Lighting that satisfy the lighting requirements of the location where they will be hung by considering whether or not the fixture will offer task or ambient light (or both).

A huge drum-shaped pendant lamp suspended over a table serves both anchors the vignette and provides brighter and softer lighting, depending on what needs to be done at the table.

In order to effectively illuminate the complete table surface as well as for aesthetic reasons, it can be quite beneficial to hang several pendant light fixtures over a rectangular table.

In a Stairwell

A stairwell's hanging fixtures can add a vintage element and necessary lighting at the same time to make the space look classy & sophisticated. The important thing is to hang the fixture high enough to provide sufficient space when climbing and descending the steps.

Better to leave 46 to 60 centimeters between the height of a taller individual and the bottom of a fixture. Less may work, but it won't look as good, and most people will feel like they have to duck as they walk under the fixture!

In the Hallway

Hanging light fixtures in a foyer or corridor may provide a lot of drama and elegance while also throwing shadows. It's crucial that fixtures in rooms with high ceilings aren't placed so high that they aren't visible from a standing position.

A traditional appearance can be achieved by hanging a line of similar fixtures down the length of a hall. It's crucial to have 2.4 meters of clearance over the ground. You should also be aware of any doors that will stretch under the fixture when they're opened and make sure there's enough space.

In the Middle of a Ceiling

If there is a piece of furniture below it, such as a coffee table, pendant fixtures can be hung lower in the middle of a room. Make sure the hanging light fixtures shouldn't be too low as a person walking underneath the fixture may hit their head.

The pendant is hung low enough in this living room to allow it to stand out against the darker fireplace, following the same design strategy.

Above an Island

Probably the first thing that springs to mind when considering pendant lighting are fixtures installed in a kitchen. They are an excellent option for delivering sufficient task lighting and offer a chance to improve or support the kitchen decor. Typically, pendant light fixtures should hang 1.8 meters, or above 70 centimeters, over the surface.

Another piece of advice for hanging pendant lights above an island is to install them high enough so that you don't look directly into the lights when standing. Hence, make your kitchen stand out from the crowd by being chic and striking.

By the Side of the Bed

In addition, instead of using table lamps, it is better to start using the pendant light fixtures mounted on either side of beds. In places where there may not be enough space to place a table lamp on a nightstand, this can be a useful solution to light the area.

These are some of the ideas that you can use anytime!

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