Create a unique backsplash with DIY hexagon tiles

July 12, 2022

The hexagon is the essential format for the honeycomb, which is one of the most cherished plan motivations and is found in building exteriors, floor plans, garden designs, furniture structures, toys, materials, home-style, and extras, and hexagon tile designs.

The hexagon is additionally immortal, with the six-sided shape utilized in the plan world since the Middle Ages, and in any event, during the old Roman Period. Early Christians accepted the hexagon channel's takeoff from life.

Why Hexagon Tiles Popular

Hexagon tile plans are a cutting-edge stylistic layout staple with a cosmopolitan style. The notoriety of hex tiles is on the ascent, and this is because they're so flexible! Considerably more, they're the absolute generally assorted, practical, strong, and adjustable components in the present-day plan. We're seeing hexagon tiles involved all over the planet as a method for raising the capability and style of any space.

These snappy tiles work each stylishly thanks to their consistently functional hexagon shape. The normal component in all hexagon tile plans is a straightforward calculation and an eye for usefulness. Like in a honeycomb or air pockets, hexagons show up in nature as the densest method for organizing circles in 3D. This implies hex tiles can completely cover a surface and adjust to defective aspects (without unrefined cuts that ruin the example). They can likewise be separated into 6 triangles which implies this tile can be tracked down in plenty of different examples, styles, and designs (if you're math-disapproved, check out Wikipedia's article on Hexagonal Tiling). While the state of these tiles has a long history, Creators are naturally involving them in remarkable, contemporary spaces.

This plan component might be a pattern, but on the other hand, an immortal style choice will endure. Hex tiles are ideal for making complicated floor designs and splendid artistic wall stylistic themes. They could be introduced as a component tile backsplash for kitchens or restrooms. Still not persuaded? You can likewise put vivid and particularly designed hexagon tiles on any wall to make an unmistakable compliment. What's more, you can tweak these tiles by blending different shaded tiles to make shocking mosaics or lay out a variety range you can play with into the indefinite future.

It doesn't make any difference on the off chance that you're revamping your ongoing space or planning for another room, you can't turn out badly with hexagon tile. Ensure you investigate our #1 styles from our Creators and get enlivened!

Different religions accept the hexagon addresses the six Creation days, then, at that point, God laid on the seventh. As the hundreds of years passed, the hexagon before long showed up in design enumerating and the state of vaults.

The hexagon is likewise well known in an inside plan, especially in tile hexagon examples and plans. Hexagon tiles can be utilized anyplace in the house. They can be utilized in the kitchen as backsplashes to add character and motivation when you set up your food. You can likewise utilize them to tidy up your hexagon tile chimney for when you need to be comfortable up by the chimney on a crisp evening. You might utilize such tiles to make your fired hexagon tile shower floor that is non-slip.

Well known Materials

Hexagon tiles come in different sizes, tones, and materials. Hexagon porcelain, stone, glass, vinyl tiles and artistic tiles are well known as they can undoubtedly oppose oil, water, and grime. Porcelain and clay tiles come in different tones, edge medicines, completions, and surfaces. For your contemporary setting, utilize reflexive tiles. For your customary setting, utilize rurally finished and matte-shaded tiles.

Hexagonal tiles additionally come in materials like metal and glass. While famous, these materials are more costly than art or porcelain. In any case, glass and metal can without much of a stretch scratch and there's no choice but to reestablish the tile to its unique surface. Everything that you can manage for this sort of tile isn't to scratch it with any sharp article like scissors or a blade.

For a more tasteful look, you can continuously utilize a travertine hexagonal tile design. This example works best on floors if your tiles are huge. More modest tiles can likewise function admirably on walls. Notwithstanding, remember that travertine is heavier than ceramic or porcelain. On the off chance that not mounted as expected with the perfect proportion of tile cement, your hexagon tile backsplash or hexagon tile chimney could undoubtedly go to pieces. While travertine emulates a normal stone's look, the material must be oftentimes resealed. Travertine is likewise costly.

You can blend and coordinate different surfaces of hexagonal tiles to concoct a varied setting. For instance, you can involve a blend of provincial and smooth tiles in your washroom walls. For the hexagon tile shower floor, be that as it may, you want to utilize finished and non-slip tiles for your washing inward feeling of harmony.

Benefits of Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are ageless and adaptable because they can be utilized in contemporary and conventional inside-plan settings. The hexagon shape is exemplary math; hence, utilizing the six-molded tile can improve your home's taste. You don't have anything to fear while utilizing hex tiles. Especially the peel and stick hexagon tiles, they are an easy to install decoration for kitchen and bathroom backsplash quick covering, no grout or glue needed, no special tools or skills need when installation.

The tiles have an exciting appearance that can most likely move forward your insides. While the tiles look fragile, the expansion of additional tiles on every one of the tile's sides contains a honeycomb shape, which is one of the regular and man-made plans world's most strong underlying syntheses. The honeycomb design is likewise a spending plan agreeable when contrasted with more unpredictable multi-tile designs.

The tiles are hard-wearing and sturdy, particularly on the off chance that they're made of porcelain or concrete. The six-edged hexagon offers developers and renovators a ton of choices it comes in different completions, varieties, sizes, and materials. Also, hexagon tiles are proper for your ideal style, paying little mind to how unobtrusive or striking your style might be.

On the off chance that you need a Moroccan-or Mediterranean-style inside, a hexagon floor example would look exquisite on your doorways, kitchen walls, and restroom walls. If you want a contemporary look, hexagonal tiles slice through the straight lines portrayed by present-day insides. Hexagonal tiles add a sprinkle of dynamism to your cutting-edge kitchen or they can be utilized to highlight wall segments of your parlor or lounge area.

Little cream-hued or white hexagon tiles joined with a light-shaded grout expect to be female, sensitive, and exemplary tasteful. On the off chance that you utilize similar tiles, yet with a hazier grout tone, you can think of a one-of-a-kind inside look. If you need a more contemporary issue, pick larger than usual, dull hexagonal tiles. With such a look, your visitors would be glad about the shockingly exemplary insides.

Don't hesitate for even a moment to utilize hexagonal tiles. Try not to pay attention to what others need to say that such tiles are not versatile in current settings. You can utilize peel and stick hexagon stone tiles and even hexagon vinyl tiles anyplace. From the kitchen, restroom, porch, and surprisingly, in the pantry, hexagonal tiles are flexible as component walls, and hexagon tile backsplash or kitchen wall complements.

Inconveniences of Hexagon Tiles

The significant inconvenience of hexagonal tiles is that establishment can be a test. If you're into DIY and are in a hurry and need to introduce these tiles all alone, it's better if you enlist an expert tiler to finish the work. While you can in any case introduce the tile hexagon designs on a DIY premise, you want to have additional time, be aware of the subtleties, and show restraint. Regardless of whether you recruit a star, expect the tiling system to be additional tedious and more multifaceted than square or rectangular tile establishment.

Whether you employ a calling or accomplish the work yourself, converse with a specialist and have him gauge the number of tiles you require. On the off chance that you want the assistance of an expert, think about additional expert expense costs too.

By and large, tiles are a portion of the more financially savvy choices, particularly for walls and floors, as they don't require a lot of upkeep and are very strong. Endless supply of the tile, placing in the grout and tidying it up, you are finished.

The activity takes no longer than a couple of days, contingent upon the size of the tiling region. This looks at painting walls or floors, which involves various advances, and thinks about the drying time before adding one more layer of paint.


Hexagon tiles is a good option when update your home walls. If you are find an DIY friendly decoration, peel and stick tile is your best choice. Fun, fast, and affordable, they are genuine mosaic tile backsplashes that take minutes to install with no mess, no grout, and no need for a professional installer. Change the look of a space in no time at all with easy installation with just peel and stick, if you are find the peel and stick tile supplier, you can go and check Clever Mosaics, as the direct peel and stick tile manufacturer, they have a lot of designs for your choice to meet your projects.


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