Decluttering tips to make your home feel more spacious

July 5, 2022

Everyone hates clutter, but it's often unavoidable. Especially those with small and growing families. Clutter is often one of the biggest causes of stress in the home and can even lead to arguments.

Clutter doesn't have to stress you out though and you don't have to spend every day after a long day of working cleaning your home. Learning to manage the clutter in your home is going to make your home less stressful and give you more enjoyment out of it.

Why declutter?

As mentioned above, clutter can cause arguments, but it can also be more serious. Clutter can cause accidents too. If you have elderly parents or grandparents at home then clutter could cause a trip or fall which could lead to a serious injury. Some homeowners have enough of clutter and choose to move home instead, and while that is an option, it shouldn't be your first choice.

Clutter can be handled and in today's post, we will share our best decluttering tips with you.

1) Clear your flat surfaces

Your flat surfaces are one of the first things that people see when they enter your home according to self-storage expert Scott Evans from Pink Storage. "What you need to do is start with the clutter you can see and clear it out before moving on to anything else," says Scott.

2) Buy furniture with storage

Furniture with inbuilt storage can help cut down on clutter as often the reason for clutter is the lack of storage. The lack of storage can be fixed with in-built storage. You can get furniture such as beds, chairs and even mirrors that can hold additional items within them.

3) Rent a storage unit

A storage unit is an additional place to store larger items that don't fit in your home anymore. Self-storage is cheap enough and it's much more affordable than buying a new home. When renting self-storage be sure to contact different storage companies so that you can get the best deal for yourself. New customers often get the best deals so shop around.

4) Don't let it pile up

It's better to spend 10 minutes every few days cutting down the clutter than it is to let it all pile up and then spend the weekend cleaning your home. We would recommend spending a few minutes every few days to work on the clutter in your home so it doesn't get too messy in your home.

5) Designate a place for clutter

You won't be able to get rid of all the clutter in your home so our advice would be to find a place where clutter can go. Most of us have a drawer where clutter can hide. Having one drawer for clutter is fine, having multiple isn't. Make sure clutter doesn't take over your home by hiding it out of sight.

6) One item in and one item out

If you come to a point where you can't add more items to your home without it feeling like a tip then our advice would be to implement a one in and one out rule. For every item that comes into your home, you have to get rid of another. This isn't a perfect system as some items are larger than others but it does work in our experience.

7) Take on a room at a time

If you have let clutter build up over time and you have run out of storage space in your home then clearing up the clutter can be so tiring and demotivating. Our advice would be to take on one room at a time and go from there. Taking on the clutter all at once will create more clutter in your home.

8) Donate some of your items

Most websites and blogs will tell you to start throwing your unwanted items out to make room for new furniture or other goods but we would recommend where possible to donate your items.

Donating your items cuts down on waste and it also allows someone else to own an item that they may not have been able to afford. With the ever-increasing cost of living your unwanted items could mean a great deal to some families.

9) Digitise where possible

Clutter can come in many forms, for many of us items such as books, videos, DVDs and newspapers can take up too much room in your home. Rather than letting them clutter your home, you could put them into storage or a better option would be to digitise them and then either donate them elsewhere or sell them.

Many companies can digitise your books, DVDs, magazines and papers for a small fee or you can buy software to do it yourself. Either option is fine and will allow you to have more room in your home without all of the clutter.

10) Minimise cleaning supplies

When we think of clutter we think of cleaning, what we don't think of is the vast amount of cleaning supplies that we can collect. This in turn can lead to more clutter in your home. Our advice would be to minimise your cleaning supplies where possible.

Final thoughts

Clutter in your home can be solved by cutting it down a few minutes per day. You don't have to tackle it all at once and you can use smart furniture or hire a self-storage unit to keep the clutter down too. Moving home should be the last option to escape clutter as if you don't work on your habits you will soon fill your home with clutter once again.


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