Difference between Interior Architecture and Interior Design

July 25, 2022

“Interior design” is a phrase that we have all heard many times before. It's something we've become familiar with when flipping through fashion magazines, browsing social media, and mentioning our favourite decorating styles.

If you didn't know about this race yet, then you came to the right place. In the following article by Toulouse Lautrec, you will be able to learn what interior architecture is and what you need to become a professional.

What is interior architecture?

Interior architecture, as a subject, is often confused with architecture, interior design, or interior decoration. Interior architecture and interior design are two very similar disciplines. Both deal with the adaptation of interior spaces to provide comfort, functionality and aesthetics to the end user.

On the other hand, interior decoration is different, since it involves the use of existing elements and their combination in an aesthetic way. Therefore, in simple terms, interior architecture would be a combination of interior design and architecture get from Aleko gates for sale online.

While an architect seeks to design the framework of a building and also advise on its construction, an interior architect seeks to update an interior by remodelling a space.

What exactly does an interior architect do?

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A great analogy to describe the role of an interior architect is that they "combine art, science, and technology," reimagining an interior space. He works with an existing structure and makes changes through considered design modifications.

These changes can range from minor updates, such as repositioning doors or windows, to converting the interior to a basic space with the intent of a complete redesign.

Instead of simply focusing on the main structure or furnishings, an interior architect considers how the interior will be functional for the owner or for a business.

As part of their role, interior architects are expected to understand a building's structure and other regulations, including knowledge of electrical systems and plumbing fixtures. They can even take into account home automation within their work, which is a set of technologies applied to the control and intelligent automation of the home.

Also, you must know the National Building Regulations, regarding minimum measures, circulation, etc. Structural issues should always be reviewed by a specialist (civil engineer or architect).

What is the difference between interior architecture and interior design?

The role of an interior designer is very complex. It is often referred to as the only design profession that interfaces with all areas of the industry, including furniture, textile and product designers and of course architects.

Many interior design courses expect students to understand the more technical elements of the design world. This, coupled with major advances in technology and the option for further education on the subject, means that qualified interior designers not only have the knowledge to enhance an interior space, they also have a level of understanding around building a building, including spatial design, similar to that of an architect.

In this sense, an interior architect is a professional specialized in the design, development, management and comprehensive direction of design projects and transformation of interior spaces. Likewise, he strategically leads innovative solutions to the needs of the target market following global trends.

Instead, an interior designer is a technical professional capable of designing and conceiving interior spaces, analysing trends and proposing functional and creative solutions to improve user comfort. He uses various tools and techniques to generate sensations through spaces.

When would you need an interior architecture project?

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The main function of an interior architect is to ensure that the work inside an existing building meets the needs and improves the quality of life of its occupants.

This means that interior architects are often called upon in connection with extensions or any other remodelling that helps maximize the potential of a home or commercial space that is already in use.

It is important to point out that the interior architect can intervene in an architectural project designing the ideal furniture with style and functionality, according to the latest trends.

Interior architects will create 3D walkthroughs of a project to allow clients to visualize what the new space will look like once it is complete. As discussed, due to the overlap in professions, interior designers are well versed in the utilization of spaces.

How to become an interior architect?

Just like interior design, you will need study interior architecture to become a fully qualified professional. At Toulouse Lautrec, you can follow her. During the 4 years of courses, you will gain knowledge of the industry and learn how to create interior spaces according to the requirements of each project of your future clients.

You will transform spaces into sustainable solutions and you will be a professional in the design, development, management and comprehensive direction of interior and commercial design projects.

Interior architecture and interior design , although similar in many respects, in addition to being essential in the work of construction and implementation of spaces for homes, offices, shopping canters, public, among others, both have different purposes.

Both professionals have similar activities, such as: making plans, drawing, analysing spaces, etc., however, here we will detail their main differences.

Interior architecture

In interior architecture, the measurement, planning and construction of a space is carried out according to the needs of the clients, considering elements such as the climate, materials and the terrain.

The interior architect analyses the links and interspatial relationships of a house and the elaboration of operating diagrams of the same, that is, of the structure itself.

The architect has structural knowledge, that is, of foundations, construction materials and even times.

Interior Design Interior

Design works on the harmonization of spaces, to give them an identity or style. Of course, this space is already properly built so that the inhabitants can enjoy the stay with all their defined needs.

The interior designer has more knowledge in matters of materials such as: textiles, floors, etc. In addition, they work on controlling certain elements, such as the entrance of light in a room or how to make it look bigger than it appears.

Where to study these technical careers?

If you are interested in studying one of these technical careers, you can find program options in institutions.


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