DIY Backyard Makeover: How To Get Great Results On A Budget

July 1, 2022

Your outdoor space should be cherished. It allows you to head outside during the warmer months and enjoy the sunshine or even have friends around. However, if you want to make the most of the space you have available you’re going to need to take a little time to work out how to get the best possible results on your existing budget.

Fortunately, this guide will help you get the best possible results.

Pause First

Before you dive into your yard, take a few moments to look at it and think about what you would really like to see in your yard. Most people want a nice area to sit, someone vegetable patches, others need children’s play areas, while some may prefer to have a swimming pool.

You need to think about what you would really like, and use, in your yard. Then, measure your yard and draw it. This makes it much easier to draw different designs on your paper and work out what can be included and where. It’s worth taking your time with this and drawing it in different ways. You’ll find a solution that fits your space and looks fantastic.

Of course, you want to do this on a budget. That means looking at ways to get the desired results. Some great options are:

  • Buy used items

You’ll be amazed at what others are selling. Furniture that is in great condition or that can be repainted is easy to find, you can even find a second-hand above-ground pool if desired.

  • Scavenge or make yourself

There are plenty of items being thrown away that can be used in your yard. One of the best finds is pallets, these can be used to create a huge variety of things.

  • Check with friends

It’s worth asking friends and family what they have in their yard or garages that they no longer use. You can often get these items for free and then repurpose them to suit your plans.

Add A Seating Area

if you want a great backyard you’re going to need a seating area. It’s best to put this next to the house and make it large enough to handle all your friends turning up for an evening of fun.

The simplest and often most stylish option is to add decking. This is easy to put over any terrain and can even be coated to give you a striking colour.

If you prefer you can opt for a patio r gravel, but these will require more maintenance.

Get Coverage

The next step is to work out your coverage. If you take a look at these Sydney awnings you’ll find they are the perfect solution. Awnings are available in an array of sizes and colours. You simply have to choose the one that suits your space and home.

You can decide between a manual opening one and an electric version. The best part about this addition is that it looks great and is very practical. You only wind it out when you need it, allowing you to make the most of all different weathers.

Segregate Areas

To ensure your yard looks fantastic you need to separate the different areas. Creating definition between the entertaining area, the play area, and even the vegetable beds, will make your yard look larger. It also adds structure which will help your yard look great.

Naturally, you’ll find it easier to move around the yard and get to the areas that matter. A stone or gravel path between the relevant areas is a great idea.

Furnishings & Finishings

Refinishing your acquired furniture will ensure it fits with your style. You can add them to your entertaining area and it will look comfortable. But, what really makes your yard stand out is the smaller furnishings. That’s the central fire pit, your choice of table, the plants that are added to the edging, and your lighting choices.

By adding lights and an outdoor rug you’re making the outside space an extension of your home. This makes it feel more comfortable and will ensure it stands out for the right reasons.

Small details, such as table lanterns and cushions make a huge difference.

Add A Water Feature

It’s certainly pleasant sitting in the garden listening to moving water. You can add a small water fountain or a pond. Either will help to create the right ambience in your backyard. Add a few lights to the water feature and it will look great throughout the evening.


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